The trend for this year is undoubtedly the ‘notches’. These are the small notches at the top of the screen. Almost every manufacturer comes this year with smartphones that have the notches, but among users it is not popular at all. Huawei therefore already has a possibility for the P20 to hide the screen kinking and also the OnePlus 6 receives such an update .

Now there is the Chinese manufacturer ZTE that brings not one, but even two notches to a smartphone. The ZTE Iceberg receives a screen notch at the top and at the bottom. However, this is not the only one in which the new smartphone can distinguish itself.

ZTE Iceberg has a glass housing

The smartphone is thus equipped with a completely glass housing with transparent corners. Hence also the name Iceberg, because according to ZTE the glass design ensures that the smartphone is reminiscent of a fragment of ice. The ZTE Iceberg also has two stereo speakers at the front (hence the lower notch) and can be charged wirelessly. More information is not yet known about it.

ZTE Iceberg has two notches and a glass housing

We do not have to expect the smartphone soon. According to the company, it can still take until 2019 before the ZTE Iceberg will come on the market. The two notches and the glass design ensure that this smartphone distinguishes itself from its competitors, but a sturdy case does not appear to us as a superfluous luxury with a completely glass housing.

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