YouTube has announced that an update is now being rolled out to the Android application of the video streaming service, which ensures that videos are automatically played in the Home section. But you can also disable that function.

Videos play automatically in YouTube app

YouTube has announced that users of the Android app can expect an update to ensure that the videos in the Home section, usually the first section that appears when you open the app, are played automatically. Currently, the function is not yet in the subscription or search section. When you scroll through your Home menu after the update, the video that is most prominently displayed will be played. You will not immediately hear the sound associated with the video.

You can see a wave of sounds in the picture, right in the video window. If a video has captions, you will see them in the picture even before you have opened the video. Auto play will be paused the moment you scroll with a video in picture-in-picture mode. But you can also choose to disable this feature altogether. You do this by going to Settings> Autoplay. You can choose that the function always works or only works with Wi-Fi. But you can also turn it off completely.

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