The Chinese company Xiaomi , which is one of the largest smartphone producers in the world, will finally bring its products to more European countries. That is possible a partnership with CK Hutchison, making Xiaomi products available in more locations in Europe.

Focus of Xiaomi

The focus of Xiaomi was on Asia for a long time. That has worked, because that is why it has been one of the biggest smartphone designers in the world. But, when it opened a Mi Store in Barcelona in 2017, the company announced that it wanted to focus on more European markets. And that announcement is now becoming reality.

Products from the technology company will be available in stores in the Netherlands, where it will sell its products through the Kruidvat. Other countries must also believe it: Austria, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Italy. It is not yet clear exactly which products will be available in the store, but it will mainly be phones and IoT products.

For the first time, it is the first time that the Chinese company has made great strides towards the European market. In addition to telephones and laptops, it also provides smart equipment for the home, including robot vacuum cleaners and air fresheners. You can not think of anything so crazy, or there is a Xiaomi version for sale. When the products are exactly in the Kruidvat is not certain, we are reportedly hearing more about this at the end of this month.

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