A friend recently asked me what the most important mobile trends will be for 2019. 'You can know', he said, 'because you still work with mobile equipment?' My answer was simple. Leave that word 'mobile' off: mobile becomes the norm.

Whether it is outside or inside the work environment, everyone will soon be mobile. So we will no longer talk about mobile trends in the coming years. We live and work mobile. Not 'mobile first', but 'mobile default' is the starting point. For the consumer, of course, that has been going on for some time. We play, pay, call, send messages and keep our heart rate on the cell phone. That will only become more. This will not be much different for the work. Nevertheless, there are still some challenges in our working environment that require serious attention to work safely and easily (mobile).

A first challenge is integration. Where the smartphone is for the consumer the device that can lead a life of its own, the mobile solution for the business is always part of the corporate network. Even if only because we also want to unlock various business applications. Both on our laptop, tablet and now on a hybrid 2-in-1 that we use as a tablet and laptop in one device. Then it is nice that equipment runs in a standardized environment. This allows us to easily retrieve data from the cloud, or from our server park within the walls of our own organization. And since the number of (renewed) business applications and type of devices is growing faster and faster, effective integration of mobile devices is therefore of great importance.

Mobility on your belt

For example, more and more organizations are also looking at how they can also equip employees who have to keep their hands free for other activities with PC functionality. For that, the mini PC on the Windows 10 IoT platform with smart work glasses is a godsend. In contrast to the well-known Google Glass, which was not invented for a business environment, a mini PC on the belt, combined with full Windows functionality on your nose, factory or warehouse staff can help you find their way. They get all kinds of instructions on the smart Augmented Reality glasses. In such new applications, where mobile is of course also the norm, integration is again very important.

Integration and safety in order

And last but not least, safety is of great importance. If mobile is the norm, your colleagues should also be able to assume that you have safe access to the laptop, tablet or mini PC. In addition, the traditional password has had its longest time. Every once in a while there is a top 10 list of the worst passwords of all time. Think of the 12345, which has been number one for some time. That ranking will soon also be passé. We will rely on biometrics in the coming years. This makes our fingerprint or iris scanner commonplace for safe access to our mobile devices. More and more hardware vendors already offer such security functionality as standard. Not surprising, because if more and more things in your company come to the internet, it is damn important that this capital is well protected. This way you can do business well and safely in 2019!