As we already know, the Xiaomi Mi 8 will be released next May 31. However, certain leaks have already revealed some of their characteristics and specifications. This time, a video has been cast that reveals the palette of animojis that the device will have.

The Xiaomi Mi 8 will have its own Animojis“alt =” “/>

Similar to the one introduced by Apple on the iPhone X or Samsung on the Galaxy S9 duo, the palette of animojis of the Xiaomi will have an infinity of options , which is probably born to celebrate the eighth anniversary of the brand.

In addition, on the other hand, today another leak revealed that the Xiaomi Mi 8 will have a superior camera to the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S , current best camera in the market of the company’s devices. Recall that the Mi Mix 2S is equipped with dual cameras: a Sony IMX363 main sensor and a secondary one manufactured by Samsung. The Xiaomi Mi 8 will have its own Animojis

Among other things, the Xiaomi Mi 8 will come with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 , Quick Charge 4.0+ and the latest version of MIUI, which will also see light for the first time on May 31. The Xiaomi Mi 8 will have its own Animojis

Also, in the new promotional images of the device we see with more certainty its physical characteristics: it will have rounded edges, notch extra wide at the top of the screen and a fingerprint reader located at the back.

Source | SashLeaks

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