The Netherlands embraces the Google Assistant. That is what spokesman for Google Netherlands, Rachid Finge, says on Twitter. No other country saw so much use of the virtual assistant as in the Netherlands five months after its launch.

It took some time before we could use Google's smart assistant in the Netherlands. In English the speech assistant could already be used, but this was officially not supported. At the end of July it finally happened. After the news came out that the test phase for the Dutch-speaking Google Assistant was over, the virtual assistant was finally launched in Dutch .

At the end of October, the Google Home and Google Home Mini in the Netherlands ] put on the market . The smart speakers with Google Assistant also let you operate the smart house with your voice. At first this certainly did not go smoothly. The first few weeks there were many teething problems, but this was remedied fairly quickly by Google. In the meantime, you can also manage the smarthome with the Dutch Google Assistant.

“Sorry, I do not understand”

Still there is still some things to criticize on the Dutch version. We do not have as many jobs available in our country as in the United States and the voice command you give is often not understood. For 2019, the Google Assistant has a good intention, according to Rachid Finge. For example, the assistant says less often “I do not understand what you mean”.

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