LG has confirmed to South Korean media that the LG G7 will be officially unveiled in April and shortly thereafter, at least in South Korea, will be for sale. If the device will be available for sale elsewhere, for example in the Netherlands, it has not yet been announced by the company.

LG G7 announcement in April

LG has recently faced South Korean media confirmed that the company will unveil the LG G7 in April, towards the end of the month. A week later interested parties, at least in South Korea, can already reserve the device, after which a store release should take place somewhere in mid-May. In South Korea the smartphone will be available for purchase and sale from all three major providers, but nothing is known about the European or Dutch market. So we do not know when the G7 will come our way.

The LG G7 is said to be the first LG smartphone with an m-LCD screen. This screen type is 35 percent more energy-efficient than regular LCD screens. Moreover, these screens need to be made brighter by adding white pixels within the existing rgb pixels. Unlike oled, m-lcd can be produced at a lower cost, while many of the same benefits would be present. In addition, the device can get an attractive price, by the somewhat cheaper screen.

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