In this article we show you the best mechanical keyboards that you can find in the market. We will keep this list updated regularly so we can always give you the best content.

If you work or play a lot, a mechanical keyboard can help you enormously with your tasks . In games, not only gives you more precision in each touch, but it can help you with the configuration of the macros. In addition, it gives a “look” more gamer, and although they do not admit it, to many players that is what matters most to him.

If you work and want an efficient keyboard, mechanical keyboards are good options . Not only is its durability greater, but the feeling when writing is very different. Believe me, I write every day in one and there is no possible comparison.

So, if you’re looking for a cheap mechanical keyboard, I’m glad you’ve entered this article. In addition to the list of the best mechanical keyboards for less than € 100 and € 200, we have also made a comparative table of the mechanical keyboards that I consider to be the best.

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The Best Mechanical Keyboards

Good and Cheap Cheap Gamer Full Gamer To write
Keyboard Krom Kernel Corsair K63 Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth 2016
Switches Outemu Cherry MX Cherry MX Razer Switches
Size Full TKL Full Full
illumination RGB Red Chroma Green
Macros Ex. Yes Do not Yes Do not
software Do not Yes CUE Razer Synapse
Price Amazon
€ 59
€ 89
€ 182
€ 99

Cheap mechanical keyboards – less than € 100

Finding a good mechanical keyboard for less than € 80 is a difficult task, but not impossible. Here we show some of the best fully mechanical keyboards, and some with mechanical membranes, which are usually cheaper and bring extras such as RGB lighting.

Krom Kernel

The Best Mechanical Keyboards of the moment | March 2018

The Krom Kernel is the best keyboard we can find for this price. It has a nice design, easy to clean and quite resistant. In addition, one of the things we like most is that it has RGB lighting, something that we do not usually see on mechanical keyboards for less than € 100.

The switches that it carries are the Outemu, which are not as well known as the Cherry MX, but they do their job well. We would like you to have a customization firmware or a few less limited macros, but otherwise, it has an excellent quality / price ratio.

Corsair K55 RGB

The Best Mechanical Keyboards of the moment | March 2018

The best-known brands in the market have also wanted to have a presence in the lowest price range, so they have decided to create hybrid keyboards, that is, with membrane keys but with mechanical feeling. They also tend to make less noise and offer a good touch, so they become an alternative for those who do not like the sound of noisy mechanical keyboards.

We had the opportunity to try this keyboard and the truth is that we loved: the feeling, the quality of construction, its customization, the support for the dolls, the extra buttons … In short, it is a fairly complete keyboard, but it is not perfect : it weighs a little and its macro buttons do not have a different texture. Two small points that we can forgive considering its low price.

Razer Ornata Chroma

The Best Mechanical Keyboards of the moment | March 2018

A second option of a mechanical membrane keyboard is this Razer Ornata. Their keys do not have the same feeling as the mechanical keys that we usually see in the Blackwidow models of the brand, but they are quieter and produce a good touch feeling. Its design is quite identical to the other keyboards of the brand and even brings a doll rest and RGB lighting.

There is another even cheaper model, the Cynosa Chroma , but we believe that it is too expensive for what it offers. Although if you get it for less than € 50, it is something to consider.

Corsair K66

The Best Mechanical Keyboards of the moment | March 2018

There is a pre-concept that all mechanical keyboards today have RGB lighting. That’s why many believe that mechanical keyboards are only for gamers, but it’s not like that. Not all mechanical keyboards have lighting, and many of them are oriented to professionals who write a lot.

The Corsair K66 is a keyboard that does not integrate any kind of lighting and works with the Cherry MX Red . It is a complete keyboard, with its numeric keypad and also multimedia keys. Besides that, It is compatible with CUE (Corsair Utility Engine), the Corsair program for its peripherals.

If you want a keyboard to work only, this is not the best because of its switches, but if you want something minimal to play and work from time to time, the Cherry MX Red will be perfect.

SteelSeries Apex M500

The Best Mechanical Keyboards of the moment | March 2018

It is a fairly simple and simple keyboard with nothing new to add. Its design is quite classic – the only novelty and difference is in its blue lighting, something we do not often see so often .

Note: even if it is identical to the Apex M400, we prefer the M500 for its Cherry MX switches.

Corsair K63

The Best Mechanical Keyboards of the moment | March 2018

If you are looking for a compact keyboard with good switches, a decent style but little flashy and extra multi-media keys, the K63 is one of the best options in the market. It’s a pretty tough keyboard and it gave us a good feeling with its Cherry switches . Also, if you need something to transport enough times, it is a good option.

Thanks to the CUE you can customize the buttons and also the red lighting. That if, being so compact were some extra, such as the USB door and the 3.5mm Jack. But if none of that interests you on a keyboard, better still.

You can see our full review in this link .

Ozone StrikeBattle Gaming

The Best Mechanical Keyboards of the moment | March 2018

We continue our list with another compact keyboard, but this time from Ozone. In this case we have less extra keys than the K63, but in terms of its performance we have nothing to criticize, once incorporates the Cherry MX Brown Switches , which as you’ve seen before, are perfect for playing or writing.

The only negative point is in the software , which from our point of view could be a little more complete.

Logitech G413 Carbon

The Best Mechanical Keyboards of the moment | March 2018

Not all keyboards are built in the same way, and if you look at this Logitech you will notice. Unlike most keyboards that are covered in plastic, the G413 Carbon has a aluminum alloy top cover , that not only gives it a unique look, but that makes it much more resistant.

The switches that it incorporates are the Romer-G , not so well known in the market, but who do their job. Of course, they have a fairly short journey, so they are recommended to play and not so much to write. It’s compatible with Logitech Gaming Software , with which you can create change the commands for the “F” keys or create macros.

Logitech G610 Orion Brown

The Best Mechanical Keyboards of the moment | March 2018

First we recommend the K66 for those who want something little flashy and without extras , but this Logitech is also an excellent option, not only for its design, but for the switches it integrates: Cherry MX Brown . Unlike the Red del K66, these are better for writing.

It has the most important multimedia keys and intelligent lighting that can be customized with Logitech Gaming Software . If you want a little flashy, but efficient keyboard, for less than € 100 this G610 can be yours.

Corsair STRAFE

The Best Mechanical Keyboards of the moment | March 2018

The Corsair Strafe is a keyboard with beautiful colors and a great construction. In addition to using Cherry MX Switches, which as you can see are our favorites.

We really like this keyboard. Well built, a very nice design and a cheaper version than the K7 RGB . It has fewer features, but maybe some will not even miss them.

Ozone Strike Pro Cherry RED

The Best Mechanical Keyboards of the moment | March 2018

We return with another Ozone , but this time, a slightly more complete version , with a different design and a built-in numeric keypad.

This keyboard offers a good combination of design, quality and precision thanks to its push buttons Cherry MX . It has a very competitive price if we consider everything it brings. However, we continue with the same problem as the previous version: your software could be better.

HyperX Alloy FPS

The Best Mechanical Keyboards of the moment | March 2018

Maybe you know HyperX for its headsets and RAM, but I assure you that this mechanical keyboard is also quality. First, its construction is a pass – steel structure that is felt from the start. It has a good weight and stability thanks to gums that “grip” the surface where we place it.

It has a braided USB cable that can be removed, lighting control and even a gamer mode that overrides the Windows keys. You can buy it with the Cherry Red, Blue and Brown switches. If you do not know the differences, at the end of the article I make a comparison. It also has some keys with extra texture, an interesting detail for gamers.

Mechanical gaming keyboards – less than € 200

From € 100 we can find keyboards with a much better quality and with some extras that are worth it for those who want something more robust and complete. Some are very good and recommended especially for gamers. However, they can also be used by people who want to write or work on a computer.

Whatever the case, these are the best mechanical keyboards for less than € 200.

Roccat Ryos MK Glow

The Best Mechanical Keyboards of the moment | March 2018

Another professional mechanical gaming keyboard that we love. It has a good construction and quality, a large number of macros that can be customized and is very comfortable. However, the software could be improved.

For anyone who wants a mechanical keyboard that can last for many years, this is a good option. However, if you are already a user of mechanical keyboards and want something more complete, you can see the pro version of this keyboard: Roccat Ryos MK Pro Glow .

Corsair K63 Wireless

The Best Mechanical Keyboards of the moment | March 2018

If you like mechanical keyboards, but do not want to dispense with your wireless keyboard for your convenience, this is what you need. This mechanical keyboard is wireless and, although its battery lasts only 15 hours of use, it will allow you to play without problems thanks to its ultra-fast connection.

It may not be the best mechanical keyboard, because for this price you get better and even with RGB lighting – this has just customizable blue lighting. But this is the first mechanical keyboard of this type and maybe that’s why, right now, it’s so expensive.

SteelSeries Apex M750

The Best Mechanical Keyboards of the moment | March 2018

The Apex M750 is the last keyboard of SteelSeries and we want to tell you that MOLA! Not only have they improved their own Switch, the QX2 , but they also improved the construction of this keyboard that is now aluminum . In addition, they have added some extras to their software that allows you to see alerts for apps like Discord and even play GIFs with the illumination of your keyboard.

One of the things we like most about this keyboard is its open design , which gives it a unique look, but also improves the brightness of the keyboard and makes it not so dirty. There is a version of this same keyboard without the numeric keypad, also recommended for those who want something more compact.

If you like your design, but you are looking for something more compact, you can buy the TKL version, that is, the numeric keypad version that is also cheaper.

Logitech G910 Orion Spark RGB

The Best Mechanical Keyboards of the moment | March 2018

This mechanical keyboard is completely oriented to Gaming. The response of the switches (MX Brown) is great and they are not as noisy as those of other keyboards.

The keys light up perfectly and the software is very intuitive. In addition, it may seem a pijada (it is) but the dock to be able to place the phone is very comfortable and more useful than it seems. We would like that in the next update this dock had connectors to be able to charge the mobile.

Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Chroma V2

The Best Mechanical Keyboards of the moment | March 2018

The BlackWidow Tournament V2 is the Razer gaming keyboard update recommended for professional players. We can say that it’s a pretty compact keyboard once it does not have macro keys or numeric keypad, and also has Chroma lighting.

Their switches are those of Razer, which we can say from our own experience that they are at Cherry level and in some cases they are better. The only thing that differentiates it from the BlackWidow Chroma V2, the top of the Razer range, is its size and technology ITT (Instant Trigger Technology) , which according to Razer improves the answer. In addition, it also comes with a wrist rest.

Corsair K70

The Best Mechanical Keyboards of the moment | March 2018

There is no doubt that Corsair has nailed it with mechanical keyboards. This is one of the best that exists today in the market for its excellent construction quality but also for its response and feedback and also for the software.

It is a slightly expensive keyboard, but incorporates features of Top , such as RGB lighting, full anti-ghosting, built-in memory, etc.

SteelSeries Apex M800

The Best Mechanical Keyboards of the moment | March 2018

Considered the fastest keyboard, the Apex M800 is different in every way. That’s because of its incredibly sensitive QS1 switches that offer a 1.5mm travel and 45g drive force . Its low travel and linearity give it a Similar feeling to the Cherry MX Red , but with less effort to hit each key.

This makes the Apex M800 is a good gaming keyboard , but their keys, being different, may cost a bit to get used to. The M800 has individual lighting for each key and the six extra keys to the left will help you to cast spells and change the weapons in an instant, or to open a certain program or perform some action that you have previously determined.

Note : it is a keyboard of 2015 and, although I continued being an excellent keyboard, the M750 is more recent and has better switches and other extras that are worth more for the same price.

BlackWidow Chroma V2

The Best Mechanical Keyboards of the moment | March 2018

The second version of the best keyboard of Razer has improved in some aspects that can go unnoticed by many: as the Change of typography or new finish which prevents it from getting dirty so quickly. Continue having the 5 macro keys on the left side, but now the indicators on the right are brighter and clearer.

The Chroma 2 is the most complete keyboard of Razer, and we do not say it only for the Chroma lighting, but because unlike the Tournament version that we saw earlier, it brings the numeric keyboard . Another extra to consider is the reposa-dolls, something quite interesting, but that over time is losing its firmness – the only negative point we see.

In relation to its performance, Razer chooses to integrate the same switches: Razer Green, Razer Orange and Razer Yellow . All with different sensibilities, a lifetime of 80 million pulsations and a good feeling.

The best gaming mechanical keyboard

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum

The Best Mechanical Keyboards of the moment | March 2018

This keyboard is for us the best keyboard for gaming that exists today in the market. We used to have the K95 RGB, but after trying the K95 RGB Platinum from Corsair , we have no doubt that it is the best.

It is a keyboard with an excellent construction and an unsurpassable Gaming aspect. It has independent RGB lighting on each key, buttons for macros and multimedia, and even a wrist rest. As I say, it is very complete and has a spectacular performance.

That is, it is not perfect. It is very expensive, and in addition, its Cherry MX Speed ​​RGB switches are too light . If you think about working and writing a lot, maybe other switches like the Cherry MC Brown are the most appropriate.

The best mechanical keyboard for writing

Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth 2016

The Best Mechanical Keyboards of the moment | March 2018

But not only gamers want a keyboard. We chose this Razer as the best keyboard for those who work daily with a keyboard and he wants not only to improve his speed and efficiency, but also his comfort and taste for writing.

This keyboard has a great design and green colors that attract a lot of attention. For tastes colors, but we liked its design and construction, another point to consider. It is a keyboard also very complete : USB port, 3.5mm Jack audio input and output (microphone and headphones) …

For its price and quality it is difficult to find better. However, if we have to put a hit, it would be because of the noise of the switches. If you prefer silent switches, there are better offers. However, if you are one of those who is hypnotized by that sound, like us, this will not be a problem.

If you want you can see the full review of this keyboard in this link .

How to choose a mechanical keyboard?

Membrane keyboards

The membrane keyboards They are the most common and the cheapest as well. They are usually built by low profile keys (portable keys) or half profile. They work with electrical contacts activated by the key , that is, regardless of the force or speed that is typed, the result will always be the same.

As a rule, the quality of construction is not the best , since it uses low cost plastics to maintain a good price. We can find them for € 5 or € 50. However, the most expensive ones incorporate some extras such as lighting, USB ports, construction improvements, but they never change their switch.

Mechanical keyboards

This type of keyboards uses a separate physical switch for each key. There are several types of switches, such as the Cherry, Torpe, Alps or Buckling Spring. The most common are Cherry MX. The mechanical keyboards are more resistant, heavy and last much longer. They reproduce a feedback, a response, which depends on the type of switch used.

Depending on the input (USB or PS / 2), these keyboards normally support a Key Rollover from 6 to “n” (NKRO). The size of the keyboards can also vary. Some do not incorporate the numeric keypad, while others do.

Different types of switches

The most recommended switch does not exist because each user must choose which one they feel most comfortable with. Each switch has its advantages and disadvantages.

One thing is certain, with the right choice you will not only feel more pleasure using the keyboard, but also increase your speed in any task you do on the computer.

Cherry MX switches (common):

These mechanisms of the keyboards are the most known and widespread in the market. They are divided into 5 different types that are distinguished by colors.

Each one is different and have different objectives. By knowing how each one is, you can know which will be the best for you.

Black – the best for certain games

The Best Mechanical Keyboards of the moment | March 2018

They are not tactile or respond by sound. That is, they are linear, resistance is felt from the beginning to the end of the key. The fact that they do not have any touch bump increases their durability.

It’s a heavy switch , with acting force from 60g to 80g.

Although they normally travel a distance of 4mm from top to bottom, their action point is at 2mm. This feature benefits the double touch and the speed of action. They are recommended for some types of games, such as RTS, in which a touch by mistake can mean a defeat.

Network – the most balanced

The Best Mechanical Keyboards of the moment | March 2018

This switch shares almost all the characteristics of Black. It is linear and does not give sound feedback.

It has the same acting distance of 2mm and the total distance is 4mm.

The main difference is the 45g acting force , which becomes almost half of black. They are a little less heavy, which can increase the accidental touches if we compare it with the previous one.

Blue – the best to write

The Best Mechanical Keyboards of the moment | March 2018

The Blue Switches are the noisiest. This is because they are tactile and give feedback. They have an acting force of 50g up to 60g. They have a duration of use also shorter than the linear ones.

The switch acts in half, that is, without needing to reach the bottom (4mm). With hearing the “click” is enough (2mm).

Normally, who usually spends a lot with the keyboard, likes this type of mechanical keyboard.

Brown – ideal for long texts and gaming

The Best Mechanical Keyboards of the moment | March 2018

They are an excellent alternative for those who want a tactile response , but does not want the feedback noise.

Its acting force varies between 45g and 55g , which transforms it into a little heavy switch.

It is a balanced mechanism that is the best choice for those who like to write texts faster but without so much “noise”.

White – evolution of the brown

The Best Mechanical Keyboards of the moment | March 2018

These switches work in the same way as the Brown , but its activation pressure is 55g.

The only advantage of these keyboards compared to the previous ones is that can produce less accidental pulsations than Brown .

However, s u Manufacturing cost is higher , and for that reason its use is quite reduced in the current market.

Maker Mechanism Click Tactile Force
Cherry MX black Do not Do not 60 cN
Cherry MX brown Do not Yes 55 cN
Cherry MX red Do not Do not 45 cN
Cherry Transparent MX Do not Yes 65 cN
Cherry MX blue Yes Yes 60 cN
Cherry MX white Yes Yes 50/80 cN
Cherry MX green Yes Yes 80 cN
Cherry MX Speed Do not Do not 45 cN
Cherry ML (ML1A and ML1B) Do not Yes 45 cN
Razer Green Yes Yes 50 cN
Razer Orange Do not Yes 45 cN
Razer Chiclet Do not Do not 62 ± 2 cN
Topre NovaTouch Do not Yes 45 cN
SteelSeries QS1 Do not Do not 45 cN
Matias Click and Quiet Click * Yes Yes 60 ± 5 gf
Logitech Romer-G Do not Yes 45 gf
Kailh Brown Do not Yes 60 ± 15 gf
Kailh Red Do not Do not 50 ± 15 gf
Kailh blue Yes Yes 60 ± 15 gf
Gigabyte Chiclet Do not Do not 55 ± 5 gf

Now, we leave a comparative video of 5 keyboards with different switches, so you can hear the difference between each one.

The Best Mechanical Keyboards of the moment | March 2018“alt =” “/>

Change the keys

One of the advantages of mechanical keyboards is that you can change your keys.

There are two types of key materials: PBT and ABS . The PBTs are much more resistant and do not wear out so fast, however, they are more expensive than ABS.

Besides that, There are different techniques to incorporate the names in each key , such as laser printing, engraving or simply with an adhesive.

The Best Mechanical Keyboards of the moment | March 2018

O-Rings / Pads

Another characteristic of mechanical keyboards is the sound that is heard when a key is pressed. You always hear a “Clack” that can be uncomfortable depending on the person.

Whoever wants to diminish this sound also has several possibilities, including the O-Ring and Pads.

These little accessories are rubber rings that are placed directly on the keys. In this way, the total distance of the switch travel can be reduced, which decreases the noise that is heard with the touch of the keys.

There are several brands and different types of rings with different types of resistances and heights. You can see some on Amazon in this link .

We hope you liked our list. If you have any questions or need any recommendation, do not hesitate to leave us a comment.

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