If you are looking for an electronic product, it is quite possible that there is a similar version in a Chinese store. Buying directly from these stores has its advantages, however, knowing which one is the best can be something complicated . That’s why we ourselves have analyzed more than 10 Chinese stores online and we have chosen the best 3 if you live in Spain .

In addition to content creators, at NewEsc we are also users and customers of these Chinese stores. We have tried enough that they are not here, like TomTop or GeekBuying , but that is because we want to recommend you only those that are really worthwhile and with which the probability of having a problem is minimal.

If you have any questions, you want to add more information or have had some problem, share it with us in the comments. Not everyone has the same experience, and only in this way can we improve.

GearBest – The best for now

The 3 Best Chinese Online Stores if you live in SpainIt is one of the only Chinese online stores with stores in Europe and with an exclusive website for Spain. Your shipping methods are also quite varied and will allow you to avoid customs , fear number 1 of all those who buy in these stores. The guarantee is also another key point in which it stands out, since if you buy in the stores of Spain, you will have a 2 year warranty.

GearBest is one of the best stores and one of my favorites for quite some time. Although its support has lost some quality in relation to 2016, it continues to be a store with very good prices and conditions.

Everything you need to know

Next we will analyze different important sections about this online store that will allow you to know in a very summarized, but complete way, everything you need. In the end I’ll leave our conclusions with the positive, negative points and a score.

Note: You can open and close the following accordions. We have done this for better organization and reading.

Prices and promotions

  • Pretty competitive prices;
  • Promotions every week on all types of products;
  • Discount coupons mostly for electronic devices;

GearBest prices are among the lowest you can find. If you buy from China stores you will get better prices than if you buy directly from Spain, but remember that you will have a 2 year warranty and the shipping will take less.

GearBest usually do many promotions, but the best thing is that they usually give discount coupons for the purchase of their best selling devices, especially smartphones and tablets. Therefore, if you want to buy a certain smartphone, it is possible that there is a coupon that reduces its value. For this you can see our article with the GearBest coupons .

Location of the stores

  • Europe : Spain, United Kingdom
  • Asia : Hong Kong; China
  • America : The Angels; San Francisco, New York

As you may have noticed, depending on the warehouse, the price or availability of a certain product may vary. In addition, your guarantee and delivery delay is also different.

Whenever possible we recommend buying from European stores, although if you are not in a hurry, you can get better prices with international stores.

Guarantees, returns and reimbursements

  • 1 Year warranty if you buy from non-European stores;
  • 2 Year warranty if you buy from a European warehouse;
  • 30 days to return the product and receive the refund – 45 in Christmas periods.
  • 7 day warranty for DOA product;

Basically everything is summarized to the three points mentioned above, with some exceptions and details that you should know.

For example, if you receive a defective or incomplete product, you have 7 days to contact the store and declare “Death on Arrival” (DOA). They will create an RMA and ask you to send the product back, and then they will reimburse you for the value of the product and the shipping costs.

“Death upon arrival” is different from the return in 30 days (or 45 if the purchase is made between November 1 and December 21) since in this product should not have any damage. Therefore, if you do not inform the store that the product does not work in the first 7 days, you can only activate the guarantee, and not ask for the money back. In these cases you should send them pictures of the box and give them the order number by chat .

It is true that these 7 days can be debated, since in Spain there is “Period of reflection” , which gives us the right to return purchases within 14 days and get the full refund without explaining any reason. You can read more about this law in the RD 1/2007 .

In case you want to activate the guarantee, you will have to pay the postage costs. Here we find another irregularity, since according to the Directive 99/44 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council , consumers have the right to repair or replace the goods at no charge. But if you do not want to enter into legal discussions with GearBest, you may want to buy at the warehouse in Spain, as the shipping costs in case of need to activate the guarantee will be lower.

We have contacted GearBest to respond to our doubts about the issues of guarantees, especially for their disagreement with the European law of consumer rights. So answer us, we will update the article.

Support quality

  • You can speak in Spanish , but it is preferable to do it in English;
  • They tend to respond relatively fast – in less than 2 days

GearBest supports from different platforms: through your chat, with Facebook Messenger or by email. All accessible through this page . However, lately some users indicate that Live Chat is not working in some countries, being Spain and Portugal some of them. I am now in the US and it works without problems.

We have never had problems with the GearBest support, however, if it seems that their service has lost some quality in the last year. Maybe because they have more customers and personalized service has decreased. Anyway, if you have a problem, the first thing you should do is send them an email or talk directly with them.

If you think that they do not understand you or that you are not going to get anything, one way to get attention is to leave your experience in TrustPilot . GearBest usually responds fairly quickly to negative and meaningful comments.

Shipping methods and how long it takes

  • Registered Air Mail – the device can go through customs;
  • Priority line: Spain Express the device does not pass through customs;

GearBest has many shipping methods, which vary depending on the customer’s address. However, if you live in Spain you will have two basically. The “Registered Air Mail” and the “Priority Line – Spain Express”.

The first occurs as long as you buy a product that is worth more than $ 25, but whose weight is less than 2KG. This type of shipment can go through customs, which means that it may be retained and you have to pay taxes to receive it.

The 3 Best Chinese Online Stores if you live in Spain

The second shipping method is the most recommended. It will not pass through customs since it comes from some of GearBest’s stores in Europe. In addition, shipping is done much more quickly. The only thing is that it must cost more than $ 25 and its weight must be more than 2 KG.

The 3 Best Chinese Online Stores if you live in Spain

The methods of express delivery have never been tested because they usually cost more and because we do not know if they will pass through customs or not – we still have to confirm with GearBest . In relation to shipping insurance, we have shipped without it and there has been no problem, but if you do not trust, you can always activate it for a small amount.

How do I increase the weight of my purchase?

  • Buying small accessories that weigh a lot.

If you are going to buy a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop weighing less than 2 KG, we recommend you buy an accessory that you are going to use or need to increase the weight of your shipment, and thus be able to enjoy priority shipping that does not pass through customs .

Here we leave you some suggestions that you may like:

Product Weight (kg) Price
Stamping paper 0,520 € 15.85
Xiaomi Metal Mouse Pad – metal metallic mat 0,545 € 17,43
Accessory kit for action camera 0.600 € 12.50
Softbox 0.678 € 22.00
Keyboard + wireless gaming mouse 1,091 € 25.06
Accessory kit for action camera 1,140 € 18.87
Mini Wooden Indoor Table Football 1,200 € 18.89
Xiaomi 1.5L water heater 1,454 € 31.77
Yunmai SE – bluetooth digital scale 1,530 € 29.19
Starry Sky – Skateboard 1,795 € 28.21
Xiaomi Philips Eyecare – smart lamp 1,820 € 41.22
Leigu Flat Wall – TV wall bracket 2,240 € 20.30
Mini Hockey table 2,350 € 33.32
Yeelight Minimalist – table lamp 2,648 € 17.17
Xiaomi Scale – bluetooth digital scale 2,720 € 34.35

With GearBest you can get very good deals, but you should always pay attention to the weight of the package to avoid paying customs. Also, if you have any problems, it is convenient to contact them during the first 7 days, so they can return the money or change the product.

The good

Shipping without passing through customs

Warehouses in Europe / Spain

good prices

1/2 year warranty

The bad

Type of delivery limited by weight or price

Banggood – With which you should compare

The 3 Best Chinese Online Stores if you live in Spain

Banggood is our second option, but if it continues to improve its service as it has done so far, it may begin to be our first recommendation. Their prices are often lower than those of GearBest, and their Priority shipping methods have no weight limit.

The main reason why you should buy at Banggood is if you buy something that weighs less than 2 KG – a mobile phone, a clock, a tablet … It is also convenient that you always compare the prices of both stores, since you can find the same product cheaper.

Everything you need to know

As we did before, we will analyze different sections of this online store. As an extra, we will compare your policies with those of GearBest and leave a conclusion that will help you decide when you should buy at Banggood.

Prices and promotions

  • It usually has better prices than GearBest;
  • Coupons of discounts available;

As a customer and buyer of Chinese stores, what I recommend is that you always see the Banggood prices and compare them with other stores, like GearBest. Many times you will find discounts of up to $ 20 or more on the same item, and knowing that you do not need to buy accessories to reach the exact weight, it may suit you more.

That’s right, Banggood does not focus as much on promotions of technological products as GearBest. In this it is more like our third recommendation, AliExpress. But still you will find most smartphones, tablets and smartwatch Chinese that are in GearBest.

Location of the stores

  • Europe: United Kingdom – https://eu.banggood.com/
  • Asia: China – https://www.banggood.com
  • America: United States – https://us.banggood.com/

As with all Chinese stores, if you buy directly from Chinese stores you will have better prices, but they will take longer to arrive. However, if you buy from the European or American warehouse, the shipping will be faster and the warranty will also change.

You also have the option to directly enter the dedicated web pages for these stores.

Guarantees, returns and reimbursements

  • 1 Year warranty no matter where you buy it from;
  • 30 days to return the product and receive the refund
  • 3-day warranty for DOA product;

Although its price and shipping methods are better than those of GearBest, on issues of guarantees have their weaknesses. For example, they just give you 1 year warranty for all products , no matter what store you buy it from. Also, if a damaged or incomplete product (DOA) arrives, you have just 3 days , and not 7 like in GearBest, to get in touch with them.

On issues of guarantees there are also some legal irregularities, since, as you know, in Europe the law gives us 2 years of guarantee Y 14 days to return the product. So if you buy in the European store, you should be able to enjoy these rights.

In case you want to activate the guarantee, you must “share” the expenses with Banggood. They say it on their page Product warranty claims . However, and as we saw earlier with GearBest, according to the Directive 99/44 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council , consumers have the right to repair or replace the goods at no charge.

We have contacted Banggood to answer our questions about the issues of guarantees, especially for their disagreement with the European consumer rights law. So answer us, we will update the article.

Shipping methods and how long it takes

  • Priority shipping – does not pass through customs;
  • It usually takes between 15 to 30 days;

This Chinese online store has less shipping methods than GearBest, however, they do not roll as much. This is, whatever your order, you can send it with the priority shipping method, which has the advantage of not going through customs. In addition, in the exceptional case of passing through customs, the same support indicates that you will pay the amount for you.

The 3 Best Chinese Online Stores if you live in Spain

Support quality

  • Support only in English;
  • Live Chat works anywhere in the world;
  • Respond to emails in less than 2 days;

Banggood has different assistance methods. The best is online chat, which you can activate directly from Facebook Messenger or from the LiveChat of your online store. If you prefer, you can also send them an email.

The reviews in TrustPilot They are also pretty decent for the most part, and negative opinions always have an answer from Banggood, which is always good to see, since it means that their reputation matters to them.

The worst of all is that they do not speak in Spanish and all the support will be given in English.

Banggood is another online Chinese store that you should compare before buying at GearBest. They usually have very good prices and their priority shipping has no distinction in the weight of the package. The only negative point is their guarantee policies, which should improve, especially if we buy from the European warehouse.

The good

Shipping without passing through customs

Competitive prices

European warehouses

The bad

1 year warranty

Support in English

AliExpress – Now with Warehouse in Spain

The 3 Best Chinese Online Stores if you live in Spain

It is not properly a Chinese online store, once in your platform we will be in contact with different sellers. It is just a platform that serves as an intermediary with the real sellers that are located in China, which means that everything gets a little more complicated.

You should be the one that identifies the reliable sellers, the original products of the replicas and much more. Even if you get good prices if you buy more than one unit, the probability of something going wrong is higher than in GearBest and Banggood, especially because it is not with AliExpress that we are negotiating, but with thousands of different sellers.

Everything you need to know

AliExpress is a product of GearBest and Banggood, but that does not mean that we should not take into account the same fundamental aspects, such as the warranty, the support and the types of delivery. That is what we will show you next.

Prices and promotions

  • Their prices usually go down when buying in bulk;
  • They also use discount coupons;

One of the reasons why AliExpress is in the third position is because its prices are not as competitive as the other stores mentioned above. Sometimes, if you buy more than 5 units, you get some price reduction. But if you’re a normal consumer, I do not think you’ll take advantage of this feature.

Location of the stores

  • Europe: Spain – https://plaza.aliexpress.com/
  • Asia: China
  • America: U.S

On AliExpress you get in touch most of the time with Chinese sellers. However, in 2017 they opened a warehouse in Spain, from which they send products to Spanish customers in less time and with more security.

Although sellers continue to be Chinese, if you buy from AliExpress Plaza you will have more guarantees.

Guarantees, returns and reimbursements

  • 1 Year warranty if you buy from China;
  • 2 Year warranty for shipments from Spain;
  • 30 days to return the product and receive the refund
  • 15 day warranty for DOA product;

Since December of the year 2017 AliExpress has updated its policy of returns and guarantees and now complies with Spanish regulations. But attention, that this only happens for all the shipments that are made from Spain in AliExpress Plaza If you buy something that comes from China, you will not have the 2 year warranty or the 14 days to return the product without explanation.

For all the cases in which you have a problem with the product (it has not arrived, it came defective, …) you must open a dispute from the web . At this time you will be asked to report, with proof, the problem. Then you can request a refund, refund and refund or another solution. Also pay attention to the second option, since if you accept the return of the product, it is possible that the return of the same for China will be expensive.

Shipping methods and how long it takes

  • The shipping methods can be agreed with the seller;
  • Ship from Spain;
  • It usually takes between 20 to 45 days;

All the contacts you make, you must do with the seller, since it is he who will make the shipment. What we recommend, to avoid customs, is that you ask not to send it by private couriers, such as UPS. In this way, the probability of being intercepted by customs will be lower. Another thing you can ask is that you declare a value less than $ 50 when sending the product.

These two tips can help you avoid having your product go through customs, however, it is not infallible. Remember that you can also order many products from warehouses that are located in Spain from AliExpress Plaza .

Regarding the shipping time, usually depends on the seller and the type of shipment, but in our experience and what we have read, it is normal to take between 20 to 45 days. There are exceptions, clearly, but that is usually the most common time frame for the majority.

Support quality

  • Support only in English;
  • You should speak directly with the seller;

It is perhaps the worst support of all the Chinese stores on this list, but it must be understood that it is not strictly a store, but only an intermediary.

With the vendors you hire, you must speak in English – or Chinese, if you know the language – since very few will know Spanish. For all the problems that you have, you will have to open a dispute, and if you do not reach an agreement with the seller, then AliExpress will work as a mediator between them and will give you a solution.

AliExpress is not an online store, but an intermediary, which means that you must speak directly with sellers and avoid selling imitations of real products. If you buy from China you can get good bargains, the problem is in the customs, since you must be the one to talk to the seller to avoid them. In any case, there are also shipments from Spain, although their prices are a little higher.

The good

Very good prices

2 years warranty

Various forms of payment

The bad

You must analyze yourself sellers

Shipping methods from China

What is the best Chinese online store?

For us the best store is GearBest . It has a good selection of products, with several discounts and good shipping options, one of which avoids customs. Also, if you buy from the Spanish warehouse, you will have two years of warranty.

Even so, we believe that before buying any product on GearBest you should see Banggood , especially if you buy something that weighs less than 2KG. Banggood has not yet updated its warranty policies, so you will have only 1 year warranty for all products, even those coming from European stores.

AliExpress It requires some more analysis work by the user, although it is true that sometimes we can get good promotions, especially if we do it in bulk. It also has a warehouse in Spain and they give us two years of guarantee, something to take into account.

Although our first recommendation is GearBest, We recommend that you compare the price of the same product in the three stores before making your purchase. In addition to the price, keep in mind the issues of warranties and customs, the two biggest fears of those who buy from a Chinese online store.

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