Apple has adjusted the App Store guidelines: from now on, the subscription costs of apps must be made clearer. This way potential users know exactly what they can expect and how much money they spend.

Costs for subscription in App Store now clearer

The guidelines of the App Store have been modified, discovered 9to5Mac which means that from now on developers will have to better understand the costs of a subscription if an app offers such a service. The new guidelines can be found in the Human Interface Guidelines sections of the documentation of the digital shop . The price that is ultimately charged by an app must be prominently portrayed, so that afterwards no confusion can arise among the users.

In addition, it should be the case that promotional costs, for example for monthly or annual subscriptions, are less prominent in image. If you first want to try out such a subscription through a trial, then it should be clear to the user what is paid afterwards and what the conditions are for granting. While this is obviously good to see, Apple would also do well to show the option to cancel a subscription more prominently; this now has to be done via a gigantic detour.

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