We are still a week away from the Unpacked event from Samsung. On 20 February, Samsung will officially present the Galaxy S10. Today, however, it appears that we will also receive more information on the new foldable smartphone from the South Korean brand on February 20.

A small teaser video has been published today of the foldable smartphone from Samsung. At the end of the video we see the date February 20, 2019. The same date as the presentation of the new flagship. What the company is going to show is still unclear. Perhaps it is a small teaser, but it is also possible that we get full details about the new device, including a launch date. The foldable smartphone may appear under the name Galaxy F or Galaxy Fold. In November we already saw a first teaser of the folding device. The expectation is that the device will be launched with a solid price, so start saving.

Samsung shows foldable smartphone during Galaxy S10 event

First device with wifi 6

Earlier this week we heard that the Galaxy S10 is the first device with WiFi 6 will be . This new WiFi standard can handle higher speeds for all devices that are connected because data processing is handled differently and is not so much the focus of a huge speed increase per device on the network.

So write 20 February in your diary . Not only for the three different models in the Galaxy S10 series, but also for the folding Samsung smartphone.

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