This weekend a patent has appeared in which a special Samsung smartphone is presented. It is a mobile phone with a total of three screens, which you can fold into a large tablet. Whether it ever becomes a product is unfortunately not certain.

Samsung smartphone with three screens

Patents are submitted for a variety of reasons; not just to bring a product to the market. Sometimes it can also be that a company records such a patent so that someone else can not do that. Whatever the reason is, this weekend is there a patent from Samsung surfaced that shows a smartphone with three screens. This smartphone can be used as a mobile phone, but when you unfold it, it becomes a tablet. This is only a of the ideas that big one manufacturers of this moment have before such a phone .

The design of this smartphone is reminiscent of an old scroll, which you can stretch on both sides to view the content. In the middle there is a fixed screen in this case. But under that screen are two other screens that can be extended. These screens are about the same size as the screen in the middle. Samsung has since confirmed to work on a foldable smartphone. Qualcomm has, however, cast a spanner in the works and says that the foldable smartphone will not come this year.

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