The foldable smartphone from Samsung may be shown in a short video that was removed shortly after publication. The video surfaced at Samsung Vietnam and may already give us a glimpse of the foldable device of the South Korean manufacturer.

Foldable smartphone from Samsung

Samsung Vietnam reportedly a video on YouTube and then quickly removed again. This video was intended for the Samsung Unpacked event that takes place later this month, where the company's foldable smartphone is presented. The latter now seems to be a certainty, since that device was shown briefly in the video. Fortunately, that video has been re-uploaded after being deleted, so we can still view it all. This is what you do below.

'Samsung foldable smartphone seen in short video'

The question that the video saddges with us is: do we look at the real model or is this just the prototype? Hopefully we will receive the answer on 20 February. The foldable smartphone from Samsung, also called the Galaxy F or Galaxy Fold, gets a screen of 7.3 inches and a resolution of 1,536 by 2,152 pixels. When you fold the screen, those numbers go back to 4.8 inches and 840 by 1,960 pixels. During Samsung Unpacked we can also expect the three Galaxy S10 models.

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