With the arrival of the AVG / GDPR, organizations are forced to really look at their IT. Knowing which employee has access to certain data and what that data exactly means is the key to a secure data policy. YourSafetynet helps you with this, but also offers even more.

Anyone familiar with YourSafetynet knows: it is a service that runs on-premise or through a data center, possibly purchased from YourSafetynet itself. The service ensures that you can always keep an eye on whether employees adhere to the privacy and ICT usage policy that has been drawn up within your organization. You can set up a profile for each department, in line with the ICT policy signed by your employees. Here you set which websites or domains may be visited by your employees and at what times.

This is obvious because the user interface is very pleasantly organized. Not surprising, because everyone must be able to handle the service. That is also the strength of YourSafetynet, it can actually be used without any technical know-how, while it is actually complicated matter.

Support, wizards and policy

This complicated matter that concerns the data flow and data processing within an organization, is in the support that you find everywhere on the website and in the wizards with which you draw up your policy, divided into four categories: on organizational, preventive, technical and awareness level your organization closed. The friendly wizards guide you step-by-step by setting up a privacy and ICT usage policy for your organization so that you are sure that you will eventually reach a compliance level that makes you completely GDPR-ready. YourSafetynet is therefore also certified for this purpose, so that the service offers assistance to organizations that want to meet the GDPR as quickly as possible, as well as to organizations that would like to continue.

Legal 100% policy

The documents and policy rules within YourSafetynet are always adjusted when something changes in terms of regulations, so that you can adjust your policy on time. This is neatly indicated on the dashboard of the service, so you are always aware of the latest developments and of course in an extremely user-friendly and intuitive way.

Organizations of any size

A service like this often focuses on large organizations, but the size of a company does not matter at YourSafetynet. From a small organization with fewer than 20 employees to large enterprises, the service helps every organization to keep the data safe inside and process it in a responsible manner.

Effortlessly you distribute the documents about the various business locations and you are sure that the policy will be implemented throughout the company. With this, YourSafetynet makes it easy for any organization to implement and maintain a coherent policy regarding security and data security.


Review: YourSafetynetWe were already enthusiastic about YourSafetynet and that has not gotten any less with this updated version. Other services that offer compliancy in such an easy, and sometimes even fun, way are not on the market and would be there, then we wonder if they can touch on the importance of YourSafetynet for your organization .

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9.4 from 10