Star Wars: Jedi Challenges is an augmented reality goggle that requires a smartphone, where you can play different AR-games. The box also contains a lightsaber that you should use for those games, which should benefit the Jedi experience.

Star Wars: Jedi Challenges is an augmented reality goggle that requires a smartphone, where you can play different AR-games. The box also contains a lightsaber that you should use for those games, which should benefit the Jedi experience.

Star Wars: Jedi Challenges is a package that consists of an augmented reality goggle, a lightsaber controller, a tracker and an application for both Android and iOS. In the glasses you can slide a smartphone (not every smartphone unfortunately), after which you see the images of that app as a kind of hologram on the plastic front of the glasses. The glasses can be used completely wireless and fortunately that also applies to the lightsaber. The only wire you need is between the smartphone and the glasses, but that’s not all.

Review: Star Wars: Jedi Challenges - cool lightsaber fights

Star Wars: Jedi Challenges – hardware and design

The Star Wars headset: Jedi Challenges, called Mirages, is not the most beautiful augmented reality headset at the moment. The device is made of plastic and is therefore very light, but therefore also looks a bit cheap and feels like children’s toys. At the top and sides are bands that you can adjust with Velcro. You can do this beforehand, but it also works fine to tighten or loosen the bands when you have already mounted the AR headset on your head (or are already playing).

On the right side you will find a cover behind which is a holder for your smartphone. When you have put that smartphone in the headset, you can use a small cable to connect both devices. Lenovo supplies three cables: micro-usb to micro-usb, micro-usb to usb-c and micro-usb to lightning. In the glasses itself there is a small battery of 2,200 mAh. That battery is used to keep the smartphone alive for longer (since such experiences consume quite some energy).

There are layers of foam rubber on the inside of the glasses. Those layers lean against your forehead and against your cheekbones. In combination with the adjustable straps, the headset stays in place during play (even though you sometimes have the idea that it falls off your head). The glasses are also provided with a large number of openings for ventilation. This is convenient for the user, but also for your smartphone. That thing can become very hot (although the Motorola Moto Z2 Force did not seem to bother us that much).

Review: Star Wars: Jedi Challenges - cool lightsaber fights

The lightsaber controller looks like a real one gag from the film, although real fans will undoubtedly notice small details that will not be true. On the controller there are two buttons with which you can go through the different menus (you can also use the buttons on the headset), which are also easily accessible. At the handle of the lightsaber are rubber edges, so you can grab it firmly. Furthermore, the whole is made of sturdy plastic. The small, white top can also assume the blue color.

Star Wars: Jedi Challenges installation

When you have removed everything from the box and downloaded the app, you can start the installation process. The app takes you through that process step by step; we will not repeat it here. The installation is fortunately very smooth because of the clear instructions on the screen. Take some time for everything so that everything goes right. If, incidentally, your lightsaber does not immediately contact your smartphone, and you have done everything right, please contact customer service.

Review: Star Wars: Jedi Challenges - cool lightsaber fights

What you have to take into account is the charging of all necessary devices. Both the headset, the lightsaber and your smartphone need to be charged. In addition, there is also a tracker in the room, which gets its energy from batteries. There are two batteries in the box, but when they are empty you have to have replacements ready. In addition, manufacturer Lenovo recommends to free at least a space of 1.5 by three meters, but in smaller spaces the glasses work fortunately equally well.

Star Wars: Jedi Challenges – in use

Is everything charged and set? Nice, then we can finally start. Playing with the Mirage and the lightsaber is fun from the first moment. When you take on other characters from the Star Wars universe in lightsaber battles, you see them as holograms in front of you. The quality of the holograms is pretty good and is reminiscent of the holograms you encounter in the older Star Wars films (as in Episode IV for example). But fortunately a lot sharper.

Review: Star Wars: Jedi Challenges - cool lightsaber fights

When you have just finished the headset and started the game, you will be greeted by the Archivist, a new character in the Star Wars universe. She will explain to you how you can use your lightsaber while attacking and defending. First you take on some droids, and you immediately start the fight with Darth Maul (one of the few things from Episode I who were good …). You see lines in the picture where you can move your lightsaber, so you can defend against attacks from your enemies.

That fight in augmented reality works incredibly well. The lightsaber reacts accurately and your movements are well visualized and translated into that digital layer. Besides lightsaber fighting, the flagship of this package, you can also venture Holochess (that chess game from A New Hope) and the tower defense game Strategic Combat (where you can attack in turns). Unfortunately, however, these modes are not as fun as the battles, so you probably will not want to play that much less often.

Review: Star Wars: Jedi Challenges - cool lightsaber fights

While playing, it may happen that the position of your digital lightsaber does not quite match the position of the lightsaber that you yourself have in your hands. To achieve the best possible experience, the two overlap. If it is that the saber is too far to the left or right, you can easily center it. The smaller the space you are playing in, the greater the chance that you will have to re-calibrate the saber. This can have an effect on your playing experience, but it did not occur very often with us.

Then one last tip: make sure you turn off the notifications from your smartphone and also switch off the mobile and Wi-Fi connection. It is not less annoying when you receive a call or receive an e-mail while you are playing, since you are completely removed from the experience. Also try to ensure that the batteries of all devices are always fully charged before you start playing and keep in mind that it can go fast with the battery of your smartphone. And try to play in a dark room.

Review: Star Wars: Jedi Challenges - cool lightsaber fights

Star Wars: Jedi Challenges – app and smartphones

The Star Wars: Jedi Challenges app is free to download for Android and iOS. Before you can use the app in combination with the glasses, you have to follow the instructions that appear immediately on screen. This app is necessary and happily clear. The smartphones that you can use with the Mirage are, at the moment: iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S7 edge , Galaxy S7, Google Pixel XL, Google Pixel, Moto Z2 Force and LG G6.

Review: Star Wars: Jedi Challenges - cool lightsaber fights

Star Wars: Jedi Challenges – conclusion

Let’s suppose that Star Wars: Jedi Challenges offers a very nice package: the AR glasses, a lightsaber and a tracker. However, you do need a specific smartphone for this. Although modern phones that are fairly or incredibly popular, we can imagine that not everyone has such a modern smartphone. Let’s hope that Lenovo will support more smartphones in the future. In addition, the package – without a smartphone – is in itself very expensive with 299 euros.

This set is not meant for everyone, but purely for the Star Wars fanatics. However, the question is how long this will be fun, since you will spend most of the time on the lightsaber battles and invest less time in the strategic games from the package. At one point you have seen it of course and for a device of 299 euros, that is incredibly scanty. On the other hand, at this moment, this is the way to think you are a Jedi, since no VR or AR experience comes so close to that real Jedi feeling as the Mirage.


  • Expensive
  • Little fun modes
  • Smartphone quickly empties and becomes warm


  • Lightsaber looks like a gag from the movie
  • Lightsaber battles are really cool
  • The AR glasses are not very heavy

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