Affordable microphone with good quality
We are faced with an excellent microphone for somewhat less demanding users, capture good quality audio, without great fanfare, but efficiently.
Design 75
Sound 75
Price quality 80
The good
Value for money
Fairly practical and mild
Includes support
The bad
Low frequencies

Are you looking for a microphone to accompany you to chat, to stream or podcast? Or, why not, to talk to your team during a game? Today we bring you a very economical option, but with excellent quality: KROM KYP .

KROM stands out for offering us peripherals good quality , but at a price suitable for all pockets, regardless of what is not vital. Therefore, in the case of this microphone, do not expect to find a multitude of modes and configurations, or gamer lighting. We are facing a device that is worth to record the sound, neither more nor less, and it does not do anything wrong. Let’s know them thoroughly.

Complete specifications

Directionality Omnidirectional
Impedance 2.2 kOhms
Frequency response from 100 Hz to 10 KHz
Sensitivity -58dB ± 2dB
Sampling rate
Microphone type Electret condenser
Connection Jack 3.5mm
Dimensions 106 x 180 x 73 mm
Weight 223.5g


The KROM KYP is the smallest of the family, especially when compared to the KROM KIMU PRO. We are in front of a microphone with traditional aspect , that is, with the typical form of hand microphone, or karaoke microphone. Of course, what light which is once you have it in your hand.


The KROM KYP has a connection cable 3.5mm jack of 2 meters in length, that is, long enough to connect without problem where you need, even being able to move with it in your hand. It is not a detachable cable (which is good if you treat it with care, because there will not be a connection that suffers in the cable-microphone connection).


The microphone is built in a hard plastic, and its head is covered by a metal grid that protects the condenser and helps filter some frequencies of the captured audio.


It also has a mechanical button On and off in the body of the microphone, which serves as a mute option for those who need it.


KROM KYP is a lightweight microphone, with stand included, and with 3.5mm jack connection

The KYR KROM is also accompanied by a support with tilt clamp, perfect to adapt to the angle you need, which will allow you to leave it on the table while you make your recordings without moving from your site. The support has a heavy base (as it should be), with a gummy surface that improves its grip.

Sound quality

We have tested the KROM KYP in conjunction with the KROM KIMU PRO, and the truth is that the two microphones have left us with a good taste of mouth . Although, of course, there are many differences between one and the other, since they also have different prices and, in short, one looks for a quality more similar to that of a studio.

If we talk about the KROM KYP, we have a microphone that surprises us. Perhaps due to its light weight, or its small size, one would expect to find sound quality not too good. But the truth is that the microphone picks up the sound with very good quality .


The result may perhaps make a little more prevalent somewhat higher frequencies , so we do not have a full-bodied sound, but when we are thinking about podcasting, it lets the frequencies of the voice pass perfectly, which are the most interesting.

An effect that we have noticed, at least in our unit, is that the volume captured is low , despite setting the Windows micro input with a high gain. In any case, more than enough for the use to which it is intended.


Then you can listen to a sample of sound captured with this microphone.
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Is it worth the KROM KYP?

The KROM KYP is the most economical option; a microphone that, for € 14.90 on Amazon , will give us a good sound without taking up a lot of space, and with 3.5mm jack connection. Compact, lightweight, with a somewhat low volume but more than enough for those who do not need studio-quality sound.

The KROM KIMU PRO is a microphone of excellent quality that manages to capture many more details, nuances and body, for those who seek a differential sound without spending a fortune. For price of € 49.90 you can get him on Amazon.


If you are taking your first steps on YouTube or Twitch and your budget is limited, the KROM KYP is perfect, although if you want to improve over time, we think that the KIMU PRO is an excellent upgrade.

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