With the WorkForce Pro WF-C8690 DTWF from Epson you as a company receive an inkjet printer that is ideal for business applications. We test the product extensively.

The two-tone (off-white and gray) WF-C8690 is a rather large machine that requires a separate table. It includes an easy-to-use 5 “color touchscreen, an alphanumeric keyboard and a number of function buttons, and a USB stick port below the front panel.

Clear, flawless end result

We get the printer out of the box. With a weight of 57.4 kg that can be seen as a big job. When we have removed the safety stickers from the printer and attach the individual parts to the pre-arranged location, we put the Epson inks in the right place. The inks have been developed to deliver clear, flawless texts and vivid photographic images that last for generations. That does not mean that Epson said too much. If we print a trial version, we see the perfect quality.

Advantages inkjet

The inkjet printer has many advantages. Inkjet printers used to be used exclusively at home, but the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of inkjet printing now offer companies sufficient reasons to use the device on 'the case'. As an entrepreneur, you profit from the lower costs per page: up to 50 percent compared to comparable laser printers. In addition, the productivity of the employees is increased by the speed of the printer (up to 3.5 times faster). Thanks to the unique PrecisionCoreprint head technology for business applications, you have a better and more reliable business printing solution.

Designed for small workgroups

The WorkForce Pro is designed for small to medium workgroups. Epson has therefore ensured that they save a lot of money during use. The costs can be reduced because consumables need to be replaced less often thanks to the innovative 'ink supply system', enabling you to achieve highly competitive total cost of ownership (TCO). Thanks to the low power consumption you are less on energy costs and because of the simple but effective inkjet mechanism, you need fewer spare parts.

Low power consumption

As mentioned above, the user benefits from the low power consumption due to the heat-free technology of the ink printer, without ozone emissions. Epson has also thought about saving time. There is no need to wait a long time for printing because the printer does not require a warm-up time: the first page comes out of the printer almost immediately after the print job has been issued. The large ink cartridges allow you to print up to 11,500 black-and-white pages and 8,000 color pages without having to replace consumable items. The WorkForce Pro has been specially developed for business use. The device has a wide range of software and tools; it offers you options for secure printing and remote management from your devices.


Contemporary inkjet printers can more than compete well with color lasers. In many cases, inkjet printers are even better, while they are cheaper in price. The Epson WorkForce Pro WF-C8690 is a good example of this and therefore definitely recommended.

Rating: 8.1