Review Corsair Hydro H115i PRO, high performance RL for enthusiasts
Corsair Hydro h115i Pro
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The Corsair Hydro h115i pro is a high performance liquid cooling that has shown excellent performance for our processor. The construction of the radiator in aluminum next to the base of the copper processor, to result an indispensable tool for enthusiasts.
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Not compatible with TR4

The processor as you know is the core of any computer, and it is important in any case that does not exceed certain temperatures to prevent damage. These according to their use, usually come accompanied by a dissipator, either passive or by air, although in the market we also find other types.

Today’s review is aimed at liquid cooling with radiator, a more efficient option than air cooling and easier to install than liquid custom. So we will talk about the product that Corsair has given us, the Corsair Hydro H115i PRO, a high performance liquid cooling for enthusiasts. Review Corsair Hydro H115i PRO, high performance RL for enthusiasts

Unboxing and first impression

We are in front of a soft cardboard box with colors of the black and yellow brand around it, as well as some image and description of the product. The product comes well protected by a hard cardboard for the rattle of the trip.

Inside we find the radiator mounted with the processor socket and corresponding tubes, two 140 mm fans, the Corsair Link cable, an extra cable for power supply with three SATA outlets, two bags with all the hardware you need. and something else, the anchors for all the socket with which it is compatible, and finally warranty and installation documents. Review Corsair Hydro H115i PRO, high performance RL for enthusiasts

The first impression is very good, a Very complete kit with spare elements for installation of the cooling system. We liked especially the fans that it brings, since they are static pressure, ideal for cooling radiators. Although we have done the tests with the Corsair LL 120 RGB .

Features liquid cooling

Size 315 x 143 x (29 + 25 with fans)
  • Intel: LGA 115X / 1366/2011 (-3) / 2066
  • AMD: AMx / AMx + / FMx / FMx +
  • Radiator: Aluminum
  • Base: Copper
  • Tube: Low permeability sleeves
software Corsair Link and Corsair iCue
illumination RGB LED
Others Includes pre-applied thermal paste and PWM control

Fan characteristics

Size 140 x 25 mm
Kind Magnetic levitation
Type of flow Static pressure
Voltage 10.8V – 13.2V
Speed 400 – 2000 rpm
Sound 37 dBA
Pressure static 0.2 – 3.0 mmH20
Air flow 97 CFM


We are in front of a kit with the format of two 140 mm fans. This is formed by a 315 x 143 x 29 mm radiator , Built in fin-shaped aluminum . On the side you can see the Corsair logo in silver from the sides. Review Corsair Hydro H115i PRO, high performance RL for enthusiasts

In the lower part of the radiator you will see two Mesh tubes with a plastic base closure to avoid the liquid coming out, which gives a good sensation of secrecy, we have had them assembled for a month and without any problem.

The base, which contains the pump that moves the liquid inside, is built in plastic, has a Square design with the Corsair logo in the middle and it’s RGB , you can configure it through Corsair Link or from the new Corsair iCUE . The contact base with the processor comes pre-installed with a thermal paste and is copper . For the tests we have changed the thermal paste for ours. Review Corsair Hydro H115i PRO, high performance RL for enthusiasts


The installation of a liquid refrigeration is not complicated, but some factors must be taken into account. We have done the installation in the Corsair Spec Omega , which has in the upper part capacity for two fans of 120 mm or two of 140 mm, and in the front can support up to three of 120 mm or two of 140 mm.

We have placed it in the upper part in push mode, fan pushing air towards the radiator, direction to the outside of the box. Personally with liquid refrigerations there are points that do not end up liking me. Few boxes I have seen that it has an independent system for a radiator, like the NOX Hummer TGX.

When we do the installation of an RL we have to take into account the size For example, it could be that the fans collide with a heatsink on the motherboard. In our case the fans played with the heatsink on the top of the Asus Prime x370-pro, but installing it with the Corsair LL 120 RGB , we went though fairly fair. Review Corsair Hydro H115i PRO, high performance RL for enthusiasts

The installation is simple , once placed the radiator with the fans in our area of ​​preference, in the Corsair Spec Omega top or front, and after having placed the correct base for the socket, screw the base to the base plate with the four metal nuts of the bag.

We connect the cables of the fans to the two outputs of 4 pins, the Link cable to the base of the RL and the other end to a USB input of the motherboard, and finally the 3-pin connector to one of the connectors for fans of the motherboard. In our case, as we use the Corsair LL fans, we connect the LED outputs to the mini hub. Review Corsair Hydro H115i PRO, high performance RL for enthusiasts

If it is your first installation, it may seem bulky, but as you go placing the parts you will see that it is nothing special. Also in the next LINK you will find a video of Corsair on the installation of the Corsair Hydro h115i Pro

This kit comes with everything you need and includes extra screws, apart from its extended 5 year warranty is a great incentive to take into account , since these systems usually have a loss of passive performance caused by the passage of time, without taking into account the loss of fluid over the years.


In the first image you can see the Ryzen 7 1700 oceado at 4 Ghz, at 1.4 volts using the Ryzen Master. Installed on the Asus Prime X370-pro motherboard and at an ambient temperature of about 10ºC. The system was in high performance, the capture was made under the stress test of CPU Z. As you can see the temperature is excellent, 48.25ºC . Review Corsair Hydro H115i PRO, high performance RL for enthusiasts

We thought that a good way to show temperatures was with some game for an hour, so in the video you will see the Devil 3 recorded for one hour with and without liquid cooling. In both cases the frequencies are of stock, as neither the game nor the graphics card are very demanding, the processor does not have to work much. The video is cut every 3 minutes approximately to cut time.

Review Corsair Hydro H115i PRO, high performance RL for enthusiasts“alt =” “/>

How can you see the Temperature difference is more than ten degrees, compared to the standard heatsink that brings the Ryzen 1700, the Spire, which works well in low profiles. When we tested of ocear with Ryzen Master with the Spire, it surpassed the 70ºC with which the pc goes off. It is in the OC that it demonstrates its true potential!

You will also have the extra lighting , that together with the Corsair LL fans, gives a very cool point to your set up . Our RAM memories, the Red Led Corsair Vengeance, can also be controlled from Corsair Link like the fans. Interesting point when setting up a configuration with Corsair! Review Corsair Hydro H115i PRO, high performance RL for enthusiasts


Normally I would not recommend a liquid cooling unless you have a high performance processor, go to overclock or have very high temperatures, either because of the processor or because you submit to a very heavy or constant work.

In our case, the Ryzen 1700 approaches 60ºC, even under stress test and with overlock, which demonstrates the potential of this liquid for high performance. Although we do not have an Intel processor, we think it would be a great option if you have an i7 7700k or an 8700k, since they are designed for overlcock and will be a perfect combo.

What is clear is that the Corsair Hydro h115i PRO has given excellent results, is built with good materials that optimize its behavior, and that Corsair is concerned about the software of its systems, since the new Corsair iCUE allows the synchronization of the fans with your brand peripherals. Review Corsair Hydro H115i PRO, high performance RL for enthusiasts

As a negative point … We would have liked it to be compatible with AMD TR4, since they are also processors of the latest generation. But apart from this, the level of compatibility is well covered.

You can find it in the market in two versions, one that is the one of our analysis of 280 mm, and the other of 360 mm, with which you would have to mount three 120 mm fans. The price as it is usually in these cases is somewhat high, € 142.90 for the Corsair Hydro H115i PRO of 280 mm, and € 177.90 for the 360 ​​mm version.

Review Corsair Hydro H115i PRO, high performance RL for enthusiasts

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