Review Corsair HS70, wireless headphones with 7.1
Corsair HS70
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The Corsair HS70 are a gaming headset with surround sound 7.1 configurable to stereo through iCue, with several profiles of the most interesting for each situation that you will surely enjoy.
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performance 89
Autonomy 91
Scope 90
Price quality 86
Ergonomics 83
Sound 90
Microphone 88
Personalization 93
Connectivity 93
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The Computex is approaching, and some brands like Corsair begin to warm up engines. If we recently brought you the news of the Razer Blade 15 and the Razer Core X , or the products of Acer Now it’s Corsair’s turn. Today we will talk about the new Corsair HS70 wireless headphones.

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After the good experience we had with the Corsair HS50, we expect a lot from this model, which you can equalize from the iCue application or change between stereo and 7.1 sound. But let’s go to the mess!

Unboxing and specifications

The Corsair HS70 come in a black and yellow box, distinctive colors of the brand, around which we see several images of the product with some descriptions. The box, as usual, is made of soft cardboard.

When you open it, you will see a plastic mold with well-placed headsets, where we miss a rubber base to absorb possible blows. Apart from these, we find the rod that makes the microphone, the USB to micro USB cable, a pen that will take care of wireless communication and product documentation. Review Corsair HS70, wireless headphones with 7.1

The first impression is of being a product designed for comfort . Both the headband and the cushions are well padded, which is always appreciated for longer sessions.

– Specifications –

Available colours Coal, white and special edition
Drivers 50 mm Neodymium
Frequency 2.4 Ghz
Operating range 20 meters
Battery life Up to 16 hours
Response frequency 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Impedance 32 [email protected]
Sensitivity 111 dB (3 dB)
Size 155 x 100 x 205 mm
Weight 330 grams


We have in front closed type headphones , with a generous pads both at the level of padding and space for our ears and Oval shaped . Details to be grateful when it comes to a device that we will use for hours. Review Corsair HS70, wireless headphones with 7.1

Even though the times of the year are approaching, the clearing is becoming more and more accusatory, they have not become a nuisance even in long periods . Whether listening to music or playing, they have behaved very well.

The Corsair HS70 are built on ABS plastic of tough guy and reinforced with aluminum in the most critical areas like the diadem. Despite having an intermediate size, they can be somewhat large in their smallest form. Review Corsair HS70, wireless headphones with 7.1

They maintain the conventional system of headphones, a adjustable headband . In this aspect we would have liked to see some more adaptive system as we saw in the Razer Tresher , which to date is one of the most liked at the grip level.

Outside of that, the cushioning of viscolastic headband , it feels pleasant and does not feel overwhelming with the passage of time . In addition there are a headphones that tighten, with which thing, once adjusted the padding will do the rest. Review Corsair HS70, wireless headphones with 7.1

They have a 330 grams weight that does not feel heavy and a size of 155x100x205 mm . The headphones have a slight movement very little accented for a better adaptation to our head.

The pen drive that makes the wireless connection has USB 2.0 port , and an indicator LED that informs of the connection with the headphones. It has a simple shape with the Corsair logo drawn.

The headphones also have a LED battery indicator that shows its status, on the one hand green if it is above 90%, and yellow if it is below that value. We have lacked a red indicator LED of less than 10% to have a better reference. Review Corsair HS70, wireless headphones with 7.1

The model we have in hand, is black, despite this there are others in white and a special edition in gold. Personally, the ones that I liked the most aesthetically are the whites.


If the wireless headphones have improved in some way over the years it is in the connection system, going to use channels where there is no interference , allowing a greater reach Y substantially improving latency . In this case, the Corsair HS70 works through the 2.4 GHz frequency , And they had a radius of use of 20 meters approximately.

In practical use, we have walked around the house and except in situations with more than one wall in between, the connection has not suffered losses. The signal is frankly very stable. Review Corsair HS70, wireless headphones with 7.1

They also have a Plug & Play system very simple to use, which is compatible with both PS4 and PC . Simply connect the USB that comes with it in any of the ports and once switched on you will receive the audio without problems.

As a recommendation if you are going to use them on a computer, download the iCue application to adjust the values ​​to your liking through the equalizer of the program, or for switch between stereo sound or surround sound 7.1. From the application you will also have predesigned profiles for different occasions . Review Corsair HS70, wireless headphones with 7.1

In the same way when you want to load them, you can continue using them but with the handicap of the cable, which measures 1.8 meters. Although it will be in few occasions, since these have a duration of up to 16 hours . Although it is somewhat complicated to calculate, we have enjoyed them for days without having to worry about anything.

We have not been able to turn off automatically after a long period without use, it would not be the first time that we left them on after a session and the next day we found ourselves without a battery. Review Corsair HS70, wireless headphones with 7.1


The Corsair HS70 are circumferential headphones closed type, which without having a bad isolation does not end up being the best. Its main charm is found in the sound which is of very good quality.

Despite having a clear and nuanced sound , with special attention to the bass and treble, this distorts a bit when being at maximum , something usual in most headphones. In any case if you leave it below 90% you should not notice it. Review Corsair HS70, wireless headphones with 7.1

Like the Corsair HS50, these have a very good stereo sound , which will enjoy especially those who like to listen to music. While the 7.1 highlights above to listen to music that pull more bass, or to watch action movies or shooter-type games.

An incentive that we have pulled a lot has been the equalizer that brings the program iCue of Corsair, which although it is still in beta, you can already find it available to download from its website.

You will enjoy watching action movies using profiles from iCue

The different presets that are predefined end up adjusting those points where it seems looser. For example the bass boost in action games gives a very cool extra to the game experience , or if you are going to watch a more relaxed movie you can activate the movie theater.

From the iCue software you can activate or deactivate several profiles already created or edit them according to your preferences . As with the other options of this program you can link a profile to specific applications , something very useful to not be configuring every time we open an application.

These headphones have a frequency response ranging from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz , a impedance of 32 [email protected] and use 50mm neodymium drivers . Apart from the wireless connection, you can also use them through the USB to microUSB cable in case you run out of battery. Review Corsair HS70, wireless headphones with 7.1


The microphone is completely removable , connects directly to the headphones through a 3.5 mm jack in the left atrium , This is totally moldable Y It adapts very well to the way you give it .

This is You can mute directly from a button located in the same handset, but we miss a wheel to graduate the volume live . An incentive that someone will like, is the possibility of listening to oneself without delay, without a doubt something important if you want to record. Review Corsair HS70, wireless headphones with 7.1

On the other hand, the experience with the microphone is fine, the voice is clear but relays pretty much what you have in the background . If for example you have a movie on, be sure that your classmates will listen to it.

On a technical level we have a product identical to the Corsair HS50, a unidirectional microphone , with noise cancellation , 2k Ohms impedance , a Response frequency of 100 Hz – 10 kHz and one sensitivity of -40 dB (+ -3 dB) .


The Corsair HS70 have proven to be a great option just like their predecessors. Add some more significant change as for example in the way it adapts to the head would have been a great incentive. Review Corsair HS70, wireless headphones with 7.1

They have turned out to be quite comfortable headphones, and in all the aspects a good option. Both audio and microphone have been up to the task. Besides that at no time have we lost communication, something important!

A great incentive has been the iCue software, although we would have preferred the option of being able to use a lighter software. Having iCue in the background consumes about 260 MB of RAM, and if we only use it for the headphones is annoying.

These headphones have a wheel for volume in the left earphone with a mute button for the microphone, but we lacked a button to mute the sound and a wheel to regulate the microphone. In the middle of a game we are not going to change the screen! Review Corsair HS70, wireless headphones with 7.1

Finally we have a price that may be somewhat high, although by price range are good, are wireless with good materials and offer good stereo as 7.1, we found several “small” details, some incentive as a change of headband would have been fine.

You can find the black and white models for a price of 109.99 €, although for now we are waiting to know the price of the special edition and know if it will bring something different from the others. Review Corsair HS70, wireless headphones with 7.1

What do you think? Is there any extra that you would like in these headphones? We thank the Corsair brand for lending us their products for review and as always remember that if you need help you can go through our Top ” The best headphones

Review Corsair HS70, wireless headphones with 7.1

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