Review Aerocool Glo, a minimalist chassis and many details
Aerocool Glo
Sturdy Spacious Detailed
The Aerocool Glo is a large mid tower, very spacious inside and many interesting details such as the placement on the inside for radiators. Built in aero and tempered glass panel, this box has a lot to talk about.
Design 86
performance 74
Ecosystem 74
Price quality 80
Personalization 84
Connectivity 78
The good
The bad
Not for ATX
Missing interior lighting

Some time ago we presented the news of the sale of the box Aerocool Glo , a minimalist chassis with a fine design, a robust structure and many details, some better and others that we have not liked so much. Review Aerocool Glo, a minimalist chassis and many details

This box was launched in June and is part of the PGS family, the range with more variety of the Aerocool brand. What most stands out of its appearance are the two front RGB strips but … let’s go to the review!

Unboxing and specifications

The Aerocool Glo comes in a cardboard box, when you see it for the first time you appreciate that It will be a big box in spite of being a mid tower . Around the box you will see some descriptions together images of the product. Review Aerocool Glo, a minimalist chassis and many details

It comes well protected by a plastic and porexpan, in its interior part of the chassis you will see the detailed documentation and a box that contains a good variety of screws, flanges and two stickers pretty cool brand .

The first impression is that it is a box Large size , minimalist and you want to give it your personal touch by putting a simple vinyl on the front. A good feeling that clouds when you see where the power supply is placed.

– Specifications –
Size Outside: 210 x 475 x 477 mm

Inside: 210 x 450 x 455 mm

Weight 9.2 kg
Kind Mid tower
Motherboard SSI-CEB / ATX / micro ATX / mini ITX
CPU cooler 160 mm
Maximum size GPU 425 mm
Optional fans Front: 2 x 120 mm

Interior side: 2 x 120 mm

Bottom: 3 x 120 mm

Rear: 1 x 120 mm (included)

Radiators Interior side: 240 mm

Bottom: 360 mm

Storage bays 3 x 3.5 ”

5 x 2.5 ”

materials Steel chassis 0.7 mm
Expansion slots 7
Ports 2 x USB 3.0

HD audio and microphone

Color Black
Power supply ATX PSU 225 mm

External characteristics

The Aerocool Glo has a Steel structure which makes it very robust with a tempered glass side window . He design is very smooth , externally we only see the buttons at the top and some Slots on the right side for ventilation . Review Aerocool Glo, a minimalist chassis and many details

On the front they are placed laterally two RGB LED strips , has no space for the air to pass through with what It does not make much sense to place fans in the front area . Invite to place a simple vinyl that matches the style of your room.

Both side panels open like windows but they do not hold up, plus one thing that we like a lot is the screws that can be removed without removing since they are hanging in the same panel.

From above you will have the power buttons, lighting control, two USB 3.0 ports and 3.5 mm HD audio and microphone jack. Also with a totally smooth look of black steel. We liked that both ports were 3.0 . Review Aerocool Glo, a minimalist chassis and many details

Finally at the bottom you will see two elongated legs that can only be seen from the side that They give very good stability and a Dust filter for fan slots that can be removed as a tray .

Internal characteristics

The inner part is the most interesting of all, since it gathers both good and bad characteristics. Details that we have loved and others that leave us quite cold, things to take into account when assembling this cabinet.

One of the things that we liked the least was the distribution , starting at the top we find a very large area where the PSU is placed and an area to place either two 3.5 “or one 3.5” and one 2.5 “. Review Aerocool Glo, a minimalist chassis and many details

As the area is completely covered, it does not allow the exit of hot air other than that it prevents the placement of exit fans . As a positive point the wiring fits without any difficulty and the area is hidden from view.

On the inside front we have room to place two fans but there are no slots for air to enter with what does not make any sense. Something that we miss very much, since the ideal flow of air is to put it in this area.

On the other hand the base has capacity for three fans or a radiator of 360 mm , something unviable if you place an ATX motherboard , since the space that remains is scarce and touches with the wiring , but it has an anti-dust filter. Review Aerocool Glo, a minimalist chassis and many details

Although it has capacity for ATX motherboards, the space for its assembly limits it a lot to develop the rest of your components. But Aerocool has had a good time thinking about that.

On the inside we can choose between placing either a 3.5 “memory, two 2.5” memory or … Fit a 240 mm radiator! Something we already saw in the Nox Hummer TGS and that we love. Review Aerocool Glo, a minimalist chassis and many details

On the back you will see a fan that is already included in the model next to 7 expansion bays on the motherboard . Maintaining that steel structure with great stability . Because of its large size we have missed seeing more pre-assembled fans.


Frankly because of the great size it has, the active air flow has seemed very scarce . The ideal is that the air enters the front part mainly and comes out the back and upper part because of the tendency of the hot air to rise. Review Aerocool Glo, a minimalist chassis and many details

Of course, this depends on the equipment that we are going to assemble. For a medium-high equipment, you would need a 240 mm radiator that you could place perfectly on the side, giving air through the slot in the lid.

On the other hand I would need fresh air to enter and catch it from the bottom but the space may not be ideal , although that is why we assume that they will have decided to leave room for three fans.

The air outlet passes either through the radiator, the back or the power supply, something that does not convince us too much. In addition it includes a new problem: the power supply also needs to be cooled. And if the heat of the components goes up, it can not get air from outside . Review Aerocool Glo, a minimalist chassis and many details

The power supply is hermetically sealed by the sheet, the only air outlet is the rear, so the fan can not get air from anywhere and less cool since the heat as it tends to rise, will influence your PSU.

I would not recommend this box for high performance PCs unless they were custom liquid refrigeration since they are governed by other very different scales and this will not influence.

In conclusion We recommend this box or for mid-range configurations up to an i5 8400 with a gtx 1060 to give an example or very high-end PC with custom liquid cooling. Review Aerocool Glo, a minimalist chassis and many details


If something has this box is versatility, They have great capacity to pass and organize the wiring , part of the PSU You can remove the hard drive area if you need more space .

You can also keep or remove the 2.5 “rear zones, They have several slots to pass the wiring and customize the interior completely as you want. In any case if you put fans or radiator on the bottom I would recommend an ATX plate . Review Aerocool Glo, a minimalist chassis and many details

On the other hand The lighting can be controlled by AuraSync if your board is compatible with the three-pin connector or from the button counting on 7 static colors, 6 RGB modes turn it off holding tight for 2 seconds.

The inside of the box is very dark It would have been nice to have an LED strip too or the back fan. In this aspect the contrast does not look very good , a lot of frontal luminosity and in null change in the interior part.

The folding window system is very successful, in addition tempered glass gives that premium touch that combined with the minimalist design And the LED color tone gives it a great look.

We have lacked interior lighting, but we have fixed it quickly with some LED strips that have given the final touch to a box that deserves it

The cabling includes that of the USB 3.0 ports, the HD audio cable, a SATA for powering the LEDs, the 3-pin connector that will depend on your motherboard and the four front panel connectors (power sw, hdd led, hdd) led + and hdd led-).


It really is a VERY versatile tower, they have a great variety of options, that does look good what and how you are going to ride it. Refrigeration does not invite the high range unless you opt for a customized liquid cooling.

The box is very heavy and robust, a completely steel structure that will give it firmness and durability. Not forgetting the lighting touches, although the interior is very dark, in addition to the tempered glass.

Review Aerocool Glo, a minimalist chassis and many details“alt =” “/>

Really the smooth front panel invites you to put some detail to customize it, either a vinyl, or if you totally like minimalism you will love its design as it is.

It would have been a detail that included the ability to put the graphic card vertically, a trend that is being imposed and that the brands already reflect in their increasingly striking designs that invite it. Review Aerocool Glo, a minimalist chassis and many details

One of its great positive points is its price of € 89.95 in Coolmod. It is a very complete box with many points to consider, and that you should consider when mounting your PC.

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