Review: Acer Switch 3 Pro

Hybrid for productivity

Microsoft has a lot of competition from manufacturers that compete with the Surface line. Lenovo participates in the race, but Acer is not currently leveling out in this product segment. The Switch 3 is, together with the Switch 5, the latest productivity tablet from Acer. We went to work on the Pro version of the 2-in-1 notebook.

Traveling with a tablet and working wherever you want? No longer strange. Microsoft secretly brought a small revolution with the Surface line, where tech manufacturers are indented in large numbers with tablets that work perfectly as a replacement for your notebook. Also Acer, with the Acer Switch 3 Pro a stylish 2-in1 notebook on the market that you can safely cross the street. The bulky devices that came on the market a few years ago have made way for devices like Acer’s, with clean lines built from a sturdy aluminum housing. That gives the 2-in1 notebook some weight, the Switch 3 touches almost 1 kilo, but that does not matter, because the device feels premium again and that is it.

On the back of the device you will find a sturdy metal stand which is intended to give the Switch 3 Pro a notebook mode, but with which you can also place it upright but lying if you prefer. The stand feels solid and is also well attached to the notebook, so the chance that it breaks down is very small.

Review: Acer Switch 3 Pro


The device runs on an Intel Pentium Quad Core CPU of 1.1 GHz and is equipped with 4GB of internal memory. For storage you have 64GB at your disposal, but you can possibly expand this via MicroSD. In the area of ​​networking the tablet supports 802.11ac and a bluetooth module is also present. Furthermore, the version runs, as the name suggests, on Windows 10 Pro.

Nice is that Acer has chosen to equip the device with both a USB 3.0 and USB-C port. In the run to new technology, some manufacturers forget that the development of new standards sometimes goes faster than the adoption of this, so the bridge in terms of ports from USB 3.0 to USB-C like Acer that presents nice. However, we find less the placement of the power connector. It is placed rather awkwardly in the middle on the left side of the 2-in1 notebook. It would be nicer if Acer had chosen to place it at the bottom on one of the sides so that you do not suffer from the cord when the Switch 3 is connected to the power.


We can not deny that the display is the trigger of a device like the Switch 3 Pro and that is no different. The WUXGAdisplay is 12.2-inch in size and equipped with IPS panel. The resolution measures 1920 x 1200 pixels and is therefore ‘only’ Full HD. ‘Only’ between quotation marks, because it is a great resolution in this format. The viewing angle is good, but not perfect, we noticed some blur when the viewing angle measures more than roughly 45 degrees. That is only a problem when you look at the display with a large group, so to fall over now would be childish.


There is actually not much to tell about the cameras. On the back you will find a 5MP camera, on the front a 2MP camera. Not very impressive to shoot beautiful photos or videos, but again great when you want to start a Skype conversation via the device.


Review: Acer Switch 3 ProThere is quite a long way to get 2-in1 notebooks workable, but luckily we have just ended up there. The Switch 3 Pro also works well on the go. The device comes standard with a detachable keyboard, in itself a big plus, which you click with a magnetic closure. The keyboard can be placed in different positions via a folding edge, just how you like to work. Although keyboards like this – which also serves as a cover – are often problematic in bending, this is not the case here. Normally the bending of the keyboard is disastrous to be able to work, but Acer has made reinforcement in the keyboard of the Switch 3 Pro which makes it very sound. Also remarkable is the clickable touchpad on the keyboard, something you hardly see on detachables, but is very welcome if you’re used to it.


The device also comes with an Acer Active Stylus, which enables you to take notes or use more creative applications on the tablet. It is especially creative people who can get away with this. Windows Ink is fully supported, but there is still something that points to creative types as a target group for this device. The standard is namely to fold (up to 165 degrees) that the device is almost lying. This undoubtedly appeals to artists, but we noticed that this secretly works very well when you take notes.

Battery life

With a device like this, the battery life is important. That is in the case of the Switch 3 around eight hours. This is not bad, but not too special. Yet this should be more than enough to be a good full day productive.

Acer Switch 3 Pro

Review: Acer Switch 3 ProWith the Switch 3 Pro Acer delivers a 2-in1 notebook that is great to work with on the go, but where you can also get creative. In terms of specifications, the device is nice in a middle segment and that does not matter, because that reflects in the nice price. Are you in the market for a 2-in1 notebook then you can not get around the Switch 3 Pro.

Price: € 599, –
OS: Windows 10 Pro
CPU: Intel Pentium Quad Core 1.1 GHz
Storage: 64GB
Display: 12.2 “WUXGA, 1920 x 1200
Connectivity: 802.11ac; LAN; Bluetooth 4.0
Ports: 1x USB 3.0; 1x USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-C
Weight: 0.9 kg

Acer Switch 3 Pro

8.7 from 10

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