In the game Pokémon Go we can now catch Pokémon from the first three generations. It is the first generation from the Kanto region and the second and third generation from the Johto and Hoenn regions respectively. For players who have not yet completed the first generation, Niantic, the creators of the game, now has a special event where the first generation Pokémon will be put in the spotlight.

Since the introduction of the missions it is possible to catch Mew. With this all Pokémon of the first generation are now available in the game. To celebrate this, players are more likely to come across the virtual critters of the first generation in the coming week. This means more Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Pikachu and all other pocket monsters from the Kanto region.

Collect all Pokémon from the first generation

In addition, it is possible to encounter Snorlax and Aerodactyl in the Raid Battles. The event also gives players the double number of candies while catching and all other actions. There are also new boxes for sale in the shop. The emphasis here is on the Raid Passes, but the boxes also provide other items for a (slightly) more advantageous price. According to Niantic, this event allows players to collect all 151 Pokémon of the first generation. The press release from Niantic makes no mention of it, but also the distance for walking with your buddy is halved. This allows you to collect extra candy even faster. The Pokémon Go event has started and continues until 17 April.

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