If you are a content creator, you will surely need to find music without rights for your videos. If you do not want to have legal copyright issues, or your video penalized on YouTube, it is best to always use music without copyright , or with rights but that can be used.

Although it is very easy to find these types of websites, in this article we wanted to recompile the best websites to download music without copyright , that is, music without copyright and that you can download and use for free.

Go for it!

Pages to download music without Copyright

YouTube – Audio Library

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It was clear that our first choice would be YouTube. Not only the music that we can find here are very good and decent enough, but it is integrated in the same platform where many content creators upload their videos.

On YouTube we can find different types of music, know the popularity it is having on the platform, listen to it before downloading and even save it in our profile. As a first option, it is fundamental. The only problem is that perhaps the music you choose is being used by thousands of others.

A level of comfort is possibly the best platform. However, if you are looking for something different and unique for your videos, it is easier to use other platforms for music without copyright.


Pages to Download Music without Copyright - 2018

This one of the most complete alternatives to download music without copyright. It is a portal created by the composer and musical producer of North American origin, called Kevin MacLeod, with little publicity and easy to navigate.

The website is only in the English language, although we can always use the Google translator. If you already know what genre you want, you can use the option to see collections, where you will be grouped by gender almost all the topics that are related. For the download, no information is requested nor is any registration required.

Can we use the music material in videos on YouTube? Yes, but we must give credit to the website .


Pages to Download Music without Copyright - 2018

This portal It was created by the web programmer Adrienne , and the music is from music producer Jason Shaw , with some exceptions of invited musical composers. This website is also perfect if you are a YouTuber or if you need good background music, once it is fast to download, you do not need to register and it is free.

The search system is very simple to use: you can search by genres or moods. Something you should keep in mind is that these uncopyrighted songs are hardly instrumental, that is, you will not hear anyone singing. For something like that you should see the other options in this list.

In the portal they mention us that we can use the musical content without problem for our personal projects like videos or pages, but they ask us for the collaboration of mentioning them as recognition , placing the link to the website or simply saying which is the website from where we obtained the music without copyright.


Pages to Download Music without Copyright - 2018

This site was founded by John Buckman , a North American music producer. This site is available since 2010, and they self-proclaim themselves as a record label. It is a portal with an interesting design and with an easy and simple search method.

Regarding the search for music without copyright, it is very simple. On the homepage, we select the Search by gender option and 2 options will be displayed: Most Recent and Popular . We recommend using the most recent ones, since they are new and have been less used by users.

If we decided to download some music we will have to make a record in advance . The download options are multiple, the formats too. What makes this portal different is that they allow us to download music without copyright and even the image of the album to which it corresponds. Both things, the image and the audio are of high quality.

The disadvantage is that we must register for a subscription to make commercial use of it, but taking into account the quality of the music we believe it is worth the investment, especially if


Pages to Download Music without Copyright - 2018

It is somewhat different from the websites previously analyzed, since it is a Spanish website. From here we can download music without copyright in an easy and safe way. Currently, it has 4694 songs available from 733 different artists .

The content search system is basic: they allow us to search by artists, genre, song, album and tempo. There is also a system of advanced search , where we put the details we know about the song and we are shown a result. We can listen to them before the download, which does not require any registration.

If you are a professional music producer, or you are starting music, you can leave your songs in this community. Of course, you must bear in mind that you will not receive any kind of economic benefit on this website, but it will serve as publicity to let you know. To upload music if you must make a small free registration.


Pages to Download Music without Copyright - 2018

It is one of the most complete portals and used throughout the world, once their music has been used by more than 1 million projects . The search is organized by Instrumental Music for Film and Video, Free Music for Commercial Projects and Music for Video Games.

After having chosen the search criteria that is consistent with the project we want to perform, we will find a list of songs. Here we can apply several filters to get the right song . The first filter is the type of license , here we can choose between: all the licenses, for commercial use and for personal projects, and then we filter the Song’s antiquity: recent, older and regardless of seniority).

When we get the name of the song that catches our attention, we click on it to listen to it, share it or download it. When selecting the download option, we will see the possibility of copying the credits that we must paste into our project. Copy the format and click again on download. In this way, without redirections or registration, downloading of music without copyright is performed.

OnClassical (limited)

Pages to Download Music without Copyright - 2018

This is a portal of Italian origin oriented to classical music without copyright. Although it only offers this genre we must say that it is of great quality , and it can be useful for different projects .

The search is simple , We have to choose according to the Catalogs and Artists. When choosing the form of search with which we feel more comfortable we will leave a list of songs. When selecting a song we can listen to it before downloading.

The website is limited in its catalog, but also has the disadvantage of payments. If we make commercial use and not personal, we must make a payment, which varies from music to music.


Pages to Download Music without Copyright - 2018

Jamendo is a portal created in 2005 by Pierre Gerard and Sylvain Zimmer . This website is what we know as a community portal , where you can share opinions and songs produced by anyone.

The music without copyright is grouped into two large segments, such as the Gender Y moods . Despite having few categories to organize them, the songs are multiple , a pretty big catalog that It is in constant renovation due to the contribution of its users. Likewise, here you will always find high quality content.

In order to upload your song and contribute to this community you will have to register, but if you just want to download the music, it is not necessary . Here we can always download music without free copyright, in no case request any type of payment, what if they request is recognition as we have mentioned above.

Utilities of music without copyright for business

Does the musical environment work for physical stores? Yes. It is very common for small businesses, such as clothing stores, accessories and some service companies to use music in their stores. The music allows to improve the atmosphere of the premises and often attracts the attention of the buyers . Or if you have a hairdresser or spa for example, soft music will relax your client.

But, Is music only useful for physical environments? Do not . In the virtual environment the same thing happens, if you are Youtuber and you want to transmit an idea correctly, you must choose a music that fits your message, and the same can be applied to blogs and web pages. But YouTube, for example, has applied some very strict rules where you can not use any music, you must use music without copyright for the videos.

Pages to Download Music without Copyright - 2018“alt =” “/>

We have to be careful when we use copyrighted music, because we can be punished at some point. Such is the case of YouTube who removes the videos with copyrighted songs, and in some countries there are fines for those who usurp the copyright to sell.

Undoubtedly, these pages give us a wide musical range that we can use to give our project a more pleasant touch and better capture the attention of our clients or subscribers.

It should be noted that this is a very small list, so if you know some other quality website where you can download music without free copyright, we invite you to comment and we will add it to the list. Long live Free music!

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