The Chinese brand Oppo has presented a smartphone camera with 10x hybrid zoom in the form of a teaser for the future. The technology is incorporated in a camera module with three sensors, consisting of different lenses. We may hear more about this during MWC 2019.

10x hybrid zoom from Oppo

During Mobile World Congress 2017, Oppo presented a smartphone camera that zooms in up to five times 'lossless'. Although we have not yet encountered this technology on a company smartphone, the manufacturer has probably further developed the technology. That has now resulted in a smartphone camera that can zoom in to ten times via hybrid possibilities, varying from 15.9 millimeters to 159 millimeters. The technology is incorporated in a camera module with three sensors on board

A sensor is the ultra-wide camera, the second is the main camera, while the third is a periscope with an optical zoom. It is possible that the camera can optically zoom in up to three times. Together, this construction must ensure that you can seamlessly zoom in from 1x to 10x. The main camera and the periscope are also equipped with an optical image stabilizer, which should improve the image quality. Unfortunately, at the time of writing it is not known when the camera layout is added to a smartphone.

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