Manufacturer OnePlus has announced that devices from the brand can count on two years of regular updates, as well as three years of security updates. This is nothing new for Nexus and Pixel owners, since they have been able to count on that guarantee for years.

Updates for OnePlus smartphones

OnePlus is a manufacturer that not only scores with its hardware, also in the field of software the company does well. In recent years, people have been able to count on beta versions of releases that were not yet ready for the general public – but that is a choice of the device owner. Regular users will of course only receive the stable updates, although it may be there too errors in it. Happy restores the manufacturer then quickly, but then there may still be errors creep in .

Now OnePlus has confirmed that it commits itself per device to two years of regular updates (small and large updates for the operating system, such as new Android versions) and three years of security updates. For owners of Nexus and Pixel devices, this is nothing new, since they have been able to rely on this guarantee for years. However, it is good news for owners of devices from this Chinese manufacturer. In this way, the 3 / 3T gets one year of security updates and the 5 / 5T a year of regular updates.

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