At HP you mainly think of notebooks, desktops, workstations and printing solutions. Nevertheless, the company now and then comes with an out-of-the-box solution. Or actually a solution that completes their portfolio perfectly, such as the HP Powerup Backpack.

The backpack has a built-in power bank with matching cords, so you will never be without the necessary power on the road. Handy, but of course it is also about the bag itself, and there is little to be said about that either.

Solid design

The backpack is equipped with sturdy material with leather handles and back space to attach the bag to a trolley. In addition to being a bag, HP emphasizes that it really is an on the go bag. And that without you being in a state of stress.

The bag offers space for a notebook of up to 17.3-inch, which means that you really have a lot of space. Moreover, the bag is also well equipped with the necessary side pockets and spaces through which you can place cords. For example, there is a dedicated box for a power adapter of your notebook.

Each box is placed so that you can fill the bag and still be able to keep your things. Thanks to the routings in the bag you can place cables so that you can charge devices without having to worry about cords that get confused. That sounds like a no-brainer, but anyone who recognizes the dragging of multiple devices knows that cords get confused faster than you think. HP cleverly solved that by putting simple routings in the bag, very nice.

Power on the road

On the road and a digital lifestyle? The HP Powerup Backpack is your best friendThe included power bank has a capacity of 22400 mAh. That means at least a full charge for an average notebook, charging three times a tablet and around ten charges for a smartphone. That is more than enough for average users.

With the powerbank, HP also supplies the necessary cables and connections. So much so that it must go wrong if you still have to bring your own converter. Of course, at least HP notebooks can be connected to the backpack out of the box, but if it is not a complete connection (like on Lenovo notebooks for example), you can easily connect other devices to it.


By default, the power bank charges your notebook as a priority, but this can be adjusted by holding down the button on the powerbank. This gives priority to other connected devices. A nice functionality that gives you control over which device should be charged when.

For travelers

Although the backpack comes across as a typical ‘gadget’ and, to be honest, it is also, HP has done everything to accommodate hardcore travelers. That’s what we called confirmation for on carts, but there is more. For example, the backpack is compliant with airport regulations. Not unimportant considering the increasingly stringent regulation. So you can safely take the backpack with you. A sensor in the power bank keeps an eye on the heat in the bag, so it never gets hot. Of course you have to keep an eye on the devices you charge yourself, although the power bank’s charging stop also takes this into account.

Also nice: with the backpack HP delivers a cover against the rain. Although the backpack itself already repels water, you also want to protect your cords while charging. The cover ensures that you can also just walk through the rain while using the functionalities of the backpack.

HP Powerup Backpack

On the road and a digital lifestyle? The HP Powerup Backpack is your best friendThe backpack may do ‘gadget’, but the functionality it offers along with the firmness of the bag makes it more than a cheap gimmick. It is actually a good, functional backpack that you will benefit from when you are often on the road. Moreover, the design is kept sober and business-like, so that business travelers can also be comfortably seen with the bag.

Price: € 129.29

HP Powerup Backpack

9 from 10

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