Companies that use a lot of software in the field of security and communication may consider using GFI Unlimited. It is a GFI subscription service, where companies can use a large amount of software for a fixed amount per unit.

Complete solution

With GFI Unlimited, companies gain access to a complete solution for security and communications including GFI LanGuard, GFI MailEssentials, GFI Archiver, Kerio Control, Kerio Connect and many more. With GFI LanGuard, companies have access to a network security scanner and a tool to automatically patch applications. GFI MailEssentials provides protection for your e-mail traffic and keeps all spam out.

GFI Archiver

Are you looking for a solution for archiving e-mails, files and calendars? Then you can use GFI Archiver. Kerio Control offers a next-generation firewall including router, antivirus, VPN and filtering of web content and applications.

MKB Best Choice Awards 2018: GFI Unlimited Kero Connect

For secure communication via e-mail and instant messaging you can call upon Kerio Connect. Companies pay a fixed price per month for all software options. The more software a company uses via GFI Unlimited, the greater the savings are. The costs are only € 1.75 per unit per month and the service has no hidden costs. GFI also offers free technical support for all GFI Unlimited products.

Price € 1.75 per unit