In order to guarantee the performance of important applications within organizations, Exinda focuses on three key points.


The first step is assessment and ideally this takes place before the implementation of Office 365. Every application of Office 365 products requires specific network resources that are required to perform optimally.


In addition to the assessment, continuous monitoring is crucial. It is important to know how a network is at a certain moment, but networks are constantly changing with changing user patterns – new applications need bandwidth, old applications become unnecessary and are replaced by new solutions.

Control MKB Best Choice Awards 2018: Exinda

All these statistics and trends are only useful if they can be applied to an operating system. Network administrators must be able to use the collected information from network assessments and monitoring to gain control over their network. Services such as Skype for Business and SharePoint therefore work more smoothly, improving the user experience, productivity and Return On Investment of an organization's Microsoft investment.

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