If we are to believe the latest rumors, Microsoft is currently working with WhatsApp on a UWP version of the popular chat service. The application would support Windows 10 aspects like Windows Ink and the Fluent Design, as we encounter in other Windows 10 apps.

WhatsApp as Universal Windows Platform app – rumor

Images have appeared showing a Univeral Windows Platform version of the popular WhatsApp message service. According to the rumor mill works the company from Redmond behind the scenes together with the Facebook subsidiary to this version of the application. The app in question would also support various Windows 10 components such as Windows Ink and Fluent Design. The project would have achieved a “successful result” and would have liked the team behind the chat service.

'Microsoft is working with WhatsApp on UWP version of chat service'

Although the app should be ‘universal’, it is thought that it will be a modified version of WhatsApp Web or the desktop version, which therefore does not work without a working mobile phone. Furthermore, we must always remember that the project, however real it may seem, can still be canceled without notice or anything like that. We now have to wait for an official announcement of this UWP app. That announcement may come from Facebook, but Microsoft also seems to be a good candidate.

'Microsoft is working with WhatsApp on UWP version of chat service'

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