Samsung devices had the well-known interface Touchwiz for years, which was replaced by Samsung Experience offering an improved design for a time. Now is coming One UI a new design image that will be available with the next update of Android Pie for the Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9 + and Galaxy Note 9, although in fact it is already possible to access Beta version in some countries.

Google opts for curves with this interface, thus redesigning elements such as the list of images or albums in the gallery. Another confirmed feature is the header with texts that occupy the top half of the screen and bring content below, that way Samsung rearranges the elements in one area to see and another to interact with a hand even when it comes to using a device the size of a tablet as it happens with the folding smartphone.

Meet Samsung's new One UI interface

Meet Samsung's new One UI interface

The redesign is also ] simplifies and reorganizes the adjustments receive a new regrouping where the user would be focused on a specific task while the secondary or irrelevant hides, until it is necessary. One aspect we noticed is the change in the navigation elements which are now at the bottom of the thumb, even the listings can start in the middle of the screen.

Although Google still it does not apply natively the version “ dark mode ” within Android, it is already possible to take advantage of Samsung devices with One UI. With this mode, you can also apply color accents according to the actual color of the device, something that makes your design even more striking. If you are interested in this update and accounts with the Galaxy S9 or Note 9 phones, do not hesitate to start enjoying the Beta version now.

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