LG has asked the Android community on the biggest internet forum of this moment for feedback on the nick on many smartphones today. The company may consider adding such a notch, but the people in particular react very negatively.

Does the LG G7 get a notch or not?

Opinions are divided over the notch at the top of a smartphone screen. Many users respond negatively, but smartphone manufacturers seem to continue. As far as the LG G7 is concerned, this does not seem to be certain. We are still waiting for the presentation of the product, which may have been postponed because the manufacturer is not sure about the design and use of the notch. That’s why the company asked the Android community: ” So … what do you think? Love the Notch? Or is it Notch your thing?

And surprise: the community reacts negatively here. Few people defend the design. That is why it is not clear what LG is exactly planning with its next smartphone. Because if there is a notch now, there will undoubtedly be a load of criticism. So now a better solution may have to be devised. Not long after the opening of the topic on Reddit, and the verification of the account with which the question was asked, the post in question, where the question was, was removed.

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