Although this is the fifth time that Apple has launched the iOS 11.4 beta version for developers, it seems that finally is consolidated to be released to the general public very soon, because this time comes with more definitive improvements.

Among the most important changes, we have the news in ClassKit , the framework of the brand, which allows other apps to work with the school tools of Apple, as well as we have the inclusion of Schoolwork, an app that will allow teachers to assign activities through other apps, as a way to organize to the students by means of links that direct them to where they need to arrive to carry out the activity.

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At the same time, iOS 11.4 includes new features in the Messages in iCloud , now the messages can be synchronized in different Apple devices registered in the same ID account, which had been designed for the version of iOS 11 above.

On the other hand, AirPlay will include the possibility of audio transmission in several devices. Further, On HomePod there will be support for stereo sound and for Calendar , which gives it more strength to compete directly with Google Home, as well as there will be solutions in the reproduction of music and other problems that iOS has experienced for a while.

It should be remembered that iOS 11 eliminates the option to work with 32-bit apps, so warns developers the need to update them before the launch of the new iPhone X 2018.

Now, if you want to have access to this new version, you have to belong to the program Apple public betas . There you will only have to register with your iOS 11 profile and download it.

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