Today has Instagram added a few new features. The most important of these is a new function for portrait mode, which is the developers Focus called. In addition, there is now a new way to name other users in Stories, namely with a sticker.

New feature Instagram

A new feature is the Focus function. That is Instagram’s new feature in portrait mode. The function can be found under the record button and is next to the super zoom setting. “As soon as someone comes into the picture, you will see that that person stays in focus, but that the background is made a little vague” says Instagram in a statement . “Then tap to take a photo, or hold the button to record a video.”

In addition to this new feature, there is now also a new way to name other users in iOS. The @ mention-sticker is in the overview with all other stickers that you can use. If you select this, you can then search for the desired person as you would when tagging a photo.

The Focus function is available today for select Android devices and for iOS devices from the iPhone 6S. It is one of the many updates that have been released recently and are expected in the coming period. In the meantime, we assume that in the long run there will also be one possibility for video calling.

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