Starting today is the game Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery available in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Players can create their own character and then experience seven years of lessons in the magic school Hogwarts (or Hogwarts, as the school is called in Dutch).

The Harry Potter game

The mobile game lets players choose one of the four houses of the magic school. Then they have lessons that we have in the books of J.K. Rowling also saw coming over to see. Think of dueling lessons, but also lessons in which magic potions are brewed.

But in addition there is another ongoing storyline. The player has to watch out why his or her older brother of Hogwarts is thrown. Gradually reveal all kinds of sinister secrets, of which we do not yet know which day to be. We do know that it will be an extensive story.

According to the creators, who are with the site Engadget spoke about the approach, two years worked on the story. Thus, there is a scenario of more than 200,000 words, more than a number of the books in the Harry Potter series. It contains not only a lot of details, but also many references to previous stories that were told.


“We did not want to make a game that you play twelve hours in a row, and then you’re done with it,” said Matt London who worked on the story for maker Jam City. “It was the intention that players feel that they have continuous access to Hogwarts. And so it’s a game that I hope players will keep playing for many months, if not years. ”

To finance all that, a payment system has been devised. Every action the player performs in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery costs energy. That energy naturally gets lost, but can be supplemented with some microtransactions. If you do not feel like it, you simply have to wait until you can continue playing.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is now available in Google Play and the Apple App Store .

Harry Potter game Hogwarts Mystery available from today

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