At the end of the year, it rains lists. Google's list consists of the most popular searches of the past year. That list will be led in 2018 mainly by celebrities, deceased artists and cryptocurrency.

Radio 2 has the top 2000, we have the MKB Best Choice Awards and Apple has the most popular Apps of the year. So almost every company has a nice list to conclude the year. What was the best, most popular, bad, successful and biggest of the year? Google also has such a list, the company keeps us a mirror by announcing the most popular searches of 2018 per country.

'Avicii' most popular search 2018

The list is headed in the Netherlands by Avicii, the world famous DJ and producer who died in April overdose . He is not the only deceased artist on the list, also rapper Mac Miller – also deceased from an overdose – reached the top 10.

Furthermore, in the top 10 we find a variety of searches that together give a picture of what 2018 looked like. For example, we find Glennis Grace in the second place, we find four Litebit cryptocurrency bureau on the spot, the immensely popular video game Fortnite is in seventh place and the list is closed by Boer zoekt Vrouw.

Top 10 most popular searches in the Netherlands

See below the full top 10 most popular searches of 2018 in the Netherlands:

  1. Avicii
  2. Glennis Grace
  3. Barbie
  4. Litebit
  5. Jos B.
  6. Meghan Markle
  7. Maarten van der Weijden
  8. Fortnite
  9. Mac Miller
  10. Farmer is looking for Woman