Google is currently testing a new screen for two-step verification, as well as the dark mode for the popular Chrome browser. It's the two-step verification process that allows you to prove on your mobile device that you are who you say you are.

Chrome gets a dark mode

A new beta version of the Chrome browser is currently downloadable Google an interesting part in test: the dark mode . This mode is only activated when users have activated the dark mode of Android Pie within the developer options. Currently the dark mode is only visible when a pop-up menu is visible; in other places there is still plenty of white present. The color of the new mode corresponds to the color of incognito mode.

In addition to a new feature for Google Chrome, Google is also testing a new look for two-step verification on Android. Specifically, the version with which you can indicate by means of a prompt that you have just logged in to your profile on another device. This new appearance is much more modern and finer for the eye. Nothing has changed in terms of functionality. For both parts is unfortunately not yet known when we can expect them on Android. In the meantime you can check here how to set up two-step verification on Android.

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