As it now looks, Google will also bring ARCore to Chromebooks, according to a reference on the Google forum. Unfortunately, there is currently little known about the hardware requirements and which Chromebooks will support the platform.

ARCore comes to Chromebooks – rumor

It’s no secret that Google has done a lot of tinkering on it in recent months Chrome OS . For example, a number of Android functions have been transferred and we officially saw the first this week Chromebook tablet . Now it appears that Google is even more plan to transfer. As it looks now that will ARCore to be. That is the augmented reality platform of the company where app makers can do all kinds of cool things ( see here a cool example from ARKit from Apple, but the idea is basically the same).

The fact that Google is planning to transfer ARCore is shown by a reference on the Google forum, discovered by XDA Developers . Unfortunately, there is little to report at the time of writing, except that the platform may also support Chrome OS. For example, we do not yet know what hardware requirements Chromebooks have to meet and we also do not know when the platform is going to be launched. Google has officially announced nothing about this yet, so it is now waiting for more news from the internet giant.

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