The CES 2019 offers, as every year, a lot of attention for new developments in the smart home area. One of the big players is Google with his Google Assistant, who gets new functions and is present in more and more devices.

Google Assistant in billion gadgets

The Google Assistant is now present on a million gadgets and already understands thirty different languages, which recently added Dutch. In practice, it is often the case that the speech assistant does not understand you well, unless you give very specific commands. In spite of this, the AI ​​of Google came out on top in an IQ test, including Alexa from Amazon, Siri from Apple and Cortana from Microsoft.

New Google Assistant items

One of the ways in which the Google Assistant gets smarter is in the integration with Google Maps. In addition to navigating from a to b you can also request stops in the near future or write a message to the person you are driving, with information about when you arrive. Also new is the Interpreter Mode – see above image. The speech assistant then serves as an interpreter between two people who do not speak each other's language. As long as you talk nicely, Google Assists translates the conversation in real time.

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Increasing support

To use the Google Assistant you obviously need a device that supports it. There are more and more, according to CES. For example, Lenovo announces its Smart Clock, a smart alarm clock that lights up the lights in the morning and gives you an overview of your day: your calendar appointments, the news, weather forecast and file information, for example.