The makers of Fortnite test this week the possibility that players can buy skins for each other. A gift function is therefore tested. So things can change in the future, but this week you can already get an impression of the new function.

Gift function for Fortnite

Also players of the game Fortnite can think of each other these holidays. Epic Games, the developer of the game, has announced that from now on a new function will be tested for a week: the gift function. So this week is being tested so people can give skins to each other as a gift, giving you an impression of the upcoming feature. You can give someone a gift by buying a skin in the store; after buying you get the option to use the product yourself or give it to another.

If you decide to give the product as a gift, you can also add a message to the package. You must be friends with Fortnite for at least 48 hours, otherwise the friend will not appear in the list. In addition, you need to set up two-step verification (which you should already have done and otherwise have to arrange very quickly). Furthermore, there is a limit of three gifts giving away per day. And if you do not want to receive gifts, it is possible to set up your account so that this can not happen.

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