Twitter announces today that in its Android app it will now allow the user to view tweets chronologically. In December of last year the option was already added to the app for iOS.

Option Twitter for all Android users

The app user can use the option by clicking on the icon with the asterisks at the top right. Then the app gives the option to see the latest tweets first. However, the non-chronological timeline keeps Twitter as the standard; it is not possible for app users to set this by default. By pressing the button again, you undo the action again.

Not completely new

The possibility is not completely new. The option was activated in the iOS app last December. At the time, Twitter already announced that the possibility would soon come for Android users.

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Also older Twitter messages

Twitter decided in 2016 to show users in their timeline also older tweets, for example based on reactions from other Twitter users. In addition to the possibility to change the order of tweets, Twitter also considers adjustments to encourage conversations.