Epic Games has announced that Fortnite season seven is now available. The new season brings Santa Claus and planes along. Changes have been made to the island: there are now also ropes that you can strum.

New season Fortnite available

Players from Fortnite can now expect the seventh season . Many changes are being made, including on the island. Not only is there a snowy area called Frosty Flights, there are also ropes that you can strum over. Moreover, you will also find snow elsewhere, creating smooth surfaces, and you can count on special aircraft. A new season also guarantees a new battle pass, giving players the chance to win new skins and other items.

Fortnite season 7 launched with Santa, aircraft and snow

One of those skins is Sergeant Santa, a Santa-like figure. New pets are also available, including a hamster. One of the biggest additions is of course the new Minecraft-like building mode, which we wrote about yesterday . This special mode is now available for everyone who has bought the seventh battle pass and will be made available to all players from 13 December onwards. Meanwhile, developer Epic Games is working on his own digital download store .

Fortnite season 7 launched with Santa, aircraft and snow

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