The hit of this moment is Fortnite and especially the Battle Royale mode of the game. One hundred players are dropped on an island with nothing more than a pickaxe. Once on the ground, it is up to the players to find weapons as quickly as possible and collect resources and survive as long as possible.

A ferocious storm rushes around the island, forcing the players on an ever smaller playing field. In this way everyone comes together over time and it is up to you to ultimately be the last of the hundred players. Fortnite can be played solo, but also in teams of two or four people. It is a mix of a shooter and a building game, the latter perhaps the most important. The faster you can build a fort or a tower to rise above your opponent, the greater the chance that you win. The higher you are in a self-built tower, the more difficult opponents can hit you. Since yesterday you do not need an invite on the iPhone anymore. Fortnite is free download on the iPhone and the iPad .

What makes Fortnite so popular now? First, the game is free. Players on the PC, game console or iPhone can download the game for free and start immediately. An Android version is in the making, but it is still unclear when it is released. The game is very accessible, allowing players of all levels to come along. Players who are very good can jump directly into the action. while players who are just beginning can land quietly in a remote spot to first gather weapons and raw materials. A jar lasts a maximum of twenty minutes, depending on how long you know how to survive. Once you die, you do not have to wait for the final winner. You can immediately start a new game again. What is also a reason for the success of Fortnite is the possibility for crossplay.

Fortnite crossplay: that's how you play against PC, PS4 and Xbox players on iOS

What is crossplay?

Crossplay stands for cross-platform play and is the possibility to play together on different platforms. For example, players with a PlayStation 4 can play on the same server as players with a PC, while players who are on the train with an iPhone can also enter the game. The only possibility for crossplay that does not work at the moment is PlayStation 4 and Xbox One together. This option worked in the beginning and Microsoft wanted to leave it that way, but Sony was against it.

As a mobile player you are bound by a number of rules at Fornite crossplay. In fact, your last one is in the ranking, but this is also to protect the mobile player. You can not just play as a PC player on a server with only iPhone players. That would not be fair, because players on the PC can respond much faster than players on the smartphone. There is therefore a certain hierarchy: smartphone> game console> pc. Mobile players can therefore join a game of players on the game console and the PC, but not the other way around.

Fortnite crossplay: that's how you play against PC, PS4 and Xbox players on iOS

Linking Epic Games account

As a mobile player you have to create an Epic Games account during the first time you play, just like on the PC. Have you already played the game on the PC, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One? You can also choose to continue with your progression by choosing your existing account. This way you immediately take the level and all your earned skins and items to the iPhone. This existing account must already be linked to the Epic Games account. Linking the platfrom account to the Epic Games account can be done on the website of Epic Games .

As an existing Fortnite player on the iPhone, you immediately take over your friends from the linked account. The Epic Games account works as a kind of hub. Here you can link your account to multiple platforms, to be able to work on your progress on each platform. In addition, it works as a hub for crossplay. By adding the Epic Games account of friends you can play together on different platforms.

Play with friends via Fortnite crossplay

As an iPhone player you already have an Epic Games account by default and adding friends is a piece of cake. Start the game and go to the lobby. You press friends at the top right. Here you can search for your friends using their Epic Games account. Again, friends who play on the PC already have an Epic Games account, but friends on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One need to link their PlayStation account or Xbox One account to their Epic Games account. If they do not, you will not be able to play together. Friends on the game computer therefore have the Epic Launcher for PC or laptop needed to send or accept friend requests.

Fortnite crossplay: that's how you play against PC, PS4 and Xbox players on iOS

Search for friends via the button in the upper right corner of the lobby and send them a friend request. Once accepted they are in your friends list. Now you can choose to join a player or invite someone. Every player you want to play cross-platform with must be in the friends list. Now you can get started! As an iPhone player, however, you are faced with a big challenge. If you only play with iPhone players, you will play on a server with only iPhone players. Everyone is then right.

However, if you have a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One player, you play on the servers of the game consoles. Are there any iPhone, game computer and PC players? Then you all go to the PC servers. The aforementioned hierarchy (mobile> game computer> PC) is important here. But do not let this stop you. Fortnite crossplay ensures that everyone can play together, regardless of the platform. Fortnite will soon also be available for Android, allowing you to play more friends.

Download fornite

Download the game via the link below and play together with your friends. Fortnite works on iOS 11 with the iPhone SE, 6S, 7, 8, X, iPad Mini 4, Air, 2017 and Pro.

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