If we are to believe the latest rumors about the Samsung Galaxy X, the device will cost around 1,600 euros. In addition, it is claimed that the device will be presented to a select company in January 2019, probably during CES 2019.

Samsung Galaxy X with hefty price tag – rumor

There is already months written about the foldable Samsung Galaxy X. We have the official officially still get presented, and meanwhile the rumors continue to flow. It is now claimed that the device will be presented to a select group in January 2019 and that the X will have to cost almost € 1,600. That is what analysts at Shinhan Financial and Golden Bridge Investment know about The Korea Times . If that is correct, it will be one of the most expensive smartphones at the moment.

Samsung has in the past already managed to work on a foldable smartphone, but has not yet released any details. However, Kim Jang-yeol, principal investigator at Golden Bridge Investment, thinks that the OLED screen of the phone is unfolded 7.3-inches and folded 4.5-inches tall. In addition, the expectation is that the Samsung Galaxy X will be taken into production in November, making a presentation during CES 2019 in January possible. Samsung did not respond to this.

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