Facebook has announced that it will simplify the available privacy settings within the company’s mobile applications. To date, these settings pages have been unnecessarily complicated and spread over several pages.

Privacy settings are simplified on Facebook

The social network Facebook has had a tough month behind it. The company came into the news because of the privacy scandal surrounding Cambridge Analytica and not long after that came to light that the Android app could look at call and SMS data. As a result, the app knew exactly who you are calling and texting and with that data “better friend suggestions” could be made. Now announces the network that the privacy settings in the mobile apps on the shovel and that you will soon be able to view and adjust everything much faster, where necessary.

Now the institutions are unnecessarily complicated and spread over several pages. Not only must users be able to adjust those settings faster, Facebook writes in its blog post, the data must also be made easier to understand. The company would have been willing to work on this conversion for some time. But probably the company will do this more to prevent further charges – several users already have the company sued the way in which it deals with data.

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