Today the Facebook F8 conference was held and some new announcements were made. After the criticism from users at home and abroad about the use of data by Facebook, the platform will soon be given a function to erase your own history.

Clear History function

You can delete your search history in an internet browser, but this was not yet possible within Facebook. The platform collects a lot of data about the users through websites that have been visited and apps that are being used. Soon you can clear your own history with the Clear History function, both on the website and in the app. This will immediately delete the data. Mark Zuckerberg has too let them know that the company is working on a function to completely eliminate tracking in the future. No data will be forwarded to advertisers who can be traced back to you. This then concerns anonymous data.

Facebook also had to do something to improve the privacy of the users after the scandal of the past weeks. Earlier, the company had announced to the to simplify privacy settings .

Facebook F8 conference: Clear History, Dating and new design for Messenger

Facebook Messenger gets a new design

In addition to the improved privacy, Facebook is also working on a new design for Facebook Messenger. The messaging service has received many new functions in recent years, but the company has indicated that it wants to go back to the basics. The new version has to be faster and simpler and there will also be a dark mode. The new Messenger app should soon appear.

Facebook F8 conference: Clear History, Dating and new design for Messenger

Dating with Facebook

Facebook also announced during the F8 conference that it is working on a dating function for the platform. Soon you can create your own dating profile. This is separate from the normal account. Because of this, friends or Facebook can not immediately see that you have been beaten. According to Mark Zuckerberg, there are many millions of users on the platform who have no relationship. On the basis of groups, events and other interests you will be linked to a partner who likes the same things. Facebook will test the function later this year.

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