During the spring you will have available the new custom Dragon Ball Fighter Z themed models for both Xbox One and PS4. After the enormous popularity reaped by this game, Razer, Bandai Namco Entertainment and Shueisha, have joined forces to get these personalized arcade sticks.

As a novelty, the Razer Panthera Dragon Ball FighterZ Edition and the Razer Atrox Dragon Ball FighterZ Edition , they will include greater capacity to make modding as well as better access to it, and a larger storage space to carry the material you may need. Dragon Ball FighterZ joins Razer's Arcade Sticks

In the internal storage area, apart from space for two extra buttons, you will see dedicated slots for a cable next to a removable screw lock included, and a screwdriver.

At the hardware level, with Sanwa Hardware, it includes a total of 10 buttons and an 8-way joystick. The connection is made through a USB cable of 3 meters, and finally comes with a game mode for tournaments and fully compatible with all current fighting games.

To finish, we leave you a video uploaded by the brand with Freezer and A-18.

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