Huawei would have liked to leave the political controversy of 2018 behind, but the end seems not yet in sight for the time being. The next chapter unfolds after the Polish intelligence service announced today that it has arrested a Huawei director. The charge? Spying.

The Polish authorities have indicated that they have done a raid in the Huawei office in Poland. The director would have been arrested there on the grounds of espionage. A Pool was also picked up and was employed by telecom company Orange Poland. China and Huawei have responded and hope that Poland will handle the matter neatly. However, the question on Poland and China is the same as 'neat'.

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Controversy Huawei

Most people will know Huawei from the mobile phones, but the Chinese manufacturer is also a big player on the field of network technology. Huawei's technology is widely used worldwide to set up 4 and 5G networks. Now there are many countries that are worried about this important position of Huawei in the switch to 5G. They (and especially the US) suspect Huawei of being part of a Chinese espionage plan. It caused some arrests and accusations in 2018, several countries indicated that they would not use Huawei technology in their future 5G networks.