A month and a half ago we saw the release of Chrome 71 for Android. Today is the turn of Chrome 72. Where the update last month made a number of new changes, the update is somewhat more limited this time. New are the limited notifications for media in incognito mode.

If you used an incognito tab before and played media on that tab, you simply saw the domain name, title of the page and more information. This has been addressed in Chrome 72. This time you see in the notifications that 'A site is playing media' (a website plays media) is in the picture. What is being played is therefore no longer visible in the notification.

Incognito or Private Browsing

This choice is the next step from Google to make the incognito mode of the browser more private. For example, you can not create screenshots via incognito mode. According to 9to5google the company is also looking to see if the name Incognito may not be changed. The company is conducting A / B tests to see if 'Private Browsing' may not be a better name for incognito mode.

Chrome 72 is rolling out from the Play Store today. For your desktop and for Chrome OS the update will be made available next week.

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