If we are to believe the latest rumors, game developer Blizzard is currently working on a Pokémon Go game with a Warcraft theme. According to the rumors this game should be more than Pokémon Go.

Pokémon Go with Warcraft theme – rumor

The reaction to Diablo Immortal has not been positive when we look at the reaction from fans, but that does not mean that Blizzard is down. According to the latest rumors, read on game website Kotaku the company is working on a Pokémon Go game with a Warcraft theme. An icubation department within the company would now work on this. Pokémon Go already has a big influence on this group of developers, as many members of the team play the augmented reality game on a daily basis – and then still competitive.

Pokémon Go is still played there every day. Kotaku writes that the Warcraft version of the game must have “much more to the body” than Nintendo's blockbuster: that's how single-play content comes. Unfortunately, for the time being nothing is known about the game, as Blizzard himself has not yet published anything about the game in the form of an official announcement. Within the company, at least many people with a predilection for mobile games are working, so this could well be something.

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