Apple has registered five new iPad models in Europe. The tablets are currently still running on iOS 11, instead of iOS 12. It is as yet unknown what type of iPads it is. It is difficult to find out if these are new Pro models or normal iterations.

Apple registers five iPad models

Later this year, or perhaps in the spring of 2019, Apple may be launching new iPad models. That rumors already exist a little longer but now more weight is given to those ideas. The company from Cupertino has registered five new iPads in Europe, with the Eurasian Economic Commission Consomac . The report shows that these iOS tablets are running on iOS 11 . That is strange in itself, because unannounced iPads often run on the latest version of the system, in this case iOS 12 .

Apple has also registered iPhone models in Europe in the past, after which the disclosure took place a month later. It is therefore possible that the new iPad models will be announced in August, but it is more likely that this presentation will take place in September. That was how it was the Apple tablet from early this year in March, while the report already came out in February. The iPads that are now registered have in any case received the model numbers A1876, A2013, A1934, A1979 and A2014.

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